Friday, April 9, 2010

Yale Cup Day 2

So we were supposed to play Princeton Sunday morning at 10am but we got a call from Yale on Sat night saying that Princeton left so we had a first round bye on Sunday morning. We ended up going to the fields and practicing our I/O and O/I throws. Smeri and I worked on pulling. Jin said a lot of stuff but the few things I gained from that pulling lesson were:

- start with your back towards the field (facing the endzone closer to you)
- bend over a lot to gain as much distance between your body and the disc
- then draw your arm in a straight line across your body, pulling the disc in the direction you want it to go in
- aaaand: end up looking like an airplane that's going to crash once you've released the disc
(hahah Jin don't give up on me yet)

Anyway, I tried it a couple times during the games on Sunday and mostly I didn't seen any difference in the distance that I normally pull, but I think I just have to practice it a lot more.

First game: vs. Northeastern (9-11)

Our first game of the day was against Northeastern who played a lot of FM and trap 4-man cup. On the first point, Smeri hucks to Cindy for the score, and Northeastern answers back with a score of their own. In the next point, Northeastern puts on a 4-man trap cup. Smeri throws over the cup to Carolyn and then comes to get the dish from Carolyn. Then the play stops for like a minute and I'm on the sideline with Shuangy, speculating what just happened. It turns out that Carolyn handed off the disc to Smeri, Northeastern called violation, and they all just stood there, not knowing what to do after violation was called. Turns out the disc went back to Carolyn, who had sprinted off after the hand-off. =P

We had a lot of great flow in zone offense where the disc was constantly moving and there was a lot of swinging back and forth among the handlers. In another point Smeri hucks it to Ashley who is standing in the endzone, and Ashley jumps between two Northeastern girls to grab the disc for the score!! Soon the score is tied at the half 7-5, Northeastern up.

Our defense was looking pretty good during this game with a lot of high-stall throws from Northeastern. Carolyn was really field-aware and caught a lot of hucks in the endzone for the score. Our rookies are awesome this year :D Final score 11-9 Northeastern.

Second game: vs. Wesleyan (6-9)
Wesleyan started off playing a 4-man trap cup on us. Becky and I worked it back and forth and they called man as we neared the endzone. Smeri threw to Karen going up the line for the score. Wesleyan scored the next three points using hucks that we weren't able to stop. We answered by playing some trap cup and ourselves. It was fun playing in the cup with Smeri (Anna was deep deep). Ashley was our third person in the cup and stopped a lot of up-field throws. We answered with 4 points in a row to make the score 5-3.

Wesleyan stepped up their defense and scored the next three points, then eventually they took half 7-6. We lost the last two points to make the score 9-6 Wesleyan.


Also happy belated birthday to Anna the easter bunny!


Sectionals coming up this weekend in Portsmouth, RI:
Men are at the same location too. Come cheer us on!