Friday, July 30, 2010


Background: Bryan has an obsession with Arnold Schwarzenegger (that may be an understatement). He has a cardboard cutout of Arnold. And Arnold is on every spot of his top 5 celebrities to sleep with. "Pillow talk!" is his answer when everyone is like, "ARNOLD IS A GUY!"

More background: Bryan and I recently booked our honeymoon for Newport, RI. We're staying at a B&B called Ivy Lodge. My friend pointed something out to me, which I promptly told Bryan on GChat...


B: "hahaha daaaaaaaaaamn. too funny. haha"

Me: "and it's still available for $299/night!!! upppgraaaade!!! you can have pillow talk with arnold's phantom ghost"

B: "haha weird. he's not even dead!"

Me: "It's like his past spirit that resides in newport."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding discs are here!

I waited for them ALL DAY (yesterday) and then they FINALLY came but I wasn't even home to receive them. But they're here!

Thanks to Eugene for drawing the 2340987 iterations of the design and to everyone who provided feedback!

I'm supposed to be the panda on the left who is wearing a panda hoodie (which I actually have in real life). And I'm holding a stuffed animal moose. Bryan is the panda on the right wearing a mountie hat and eating a burger. And we're holding a disc that has two wedding rings on it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Underarmour Heat Gear!

Under Armour at Wrentham was having a sale this past weekend so I bought a white longsleeve Heat Gear! It was originally $35 and I got it for $20. They also had black but I figured the white will be cooler even though it'll be harder to keep clean.

Under Armour Heat Gear

I had Hatch practice on Saturday from 12-3pm and on Sunday from 1-4pm (we like to practice during the hottest hours of the day to make us more hardcore), so I figured I had a pretty good comparison between Saturday (no heat gear) and Sunday (heat gear!). But I found out later that Saturday (high of 93 deg, no clouds) was much warmer than Sunday (high of 91 deg, fluffy clouds to block the sun once in a while). Saturday was also at Magazine Beach (right on the river, maybe there was a breeze), and Sunday was in Lexington (more inland?) so maybe location had an effect on my experiment too.

I was kinda worried about trying it on such a freakin' hot day... what if it didn't work and I couldn't stand it, and then I wouldn't be able to get it off and got stuck in it and the whole team laughed at me? Anyway, I was desperate so I put it on in the morning and I didn't feel like it really did anything while I was walking around the apartment.

Four hours later, this is what I decided:
  1. The Heat Gear fabric does wick away sweat so it doesn't collect on your skin.
  2. Because it picks up sweat, your jersey doesn't get sweaty so you feel lighter and not as bogged down by a sweaty jersey.
  3. It works the best when there is some sort of breeze. I think I felt cooler wearing the Heat Gear than I would've felt if I weren't.
  4. Heat Gear is difficult to put on and surprisingly easy to take off afterwards, even if it's drenched in sweat.
  5. Overall, I'd wear it for the next two months because I am dedicated to my goal, but I don't think I would wear it afterwards. We'll see. I also want to try it on a day that's not 91 degrees, maybe 80-85 instead.

Guess who's who

Bryan and I went to the mall and got our blood pressure taken. Guess who's who.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The best massage chair in the world...

...currently resides in my parents' living room:

It engulfs you and smooshes you and kneads you and then spits you back out all new and refreshed. The leather is so soft and amazing-feeling. It massages everything: your hands, forearms, upper arms, upper back, lower back, butt, hamstrings, IT bands, calves, and feet. It even massages your neck and head. When you first get in it, it calibrates to your body and so your massage is optimized for YOU! Aaaand it heats up! And you are all welcome to come to my parents' house (Torrance, CA) and try it for yourself. :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

4 years ago

Four years ago I lived on a river boat somewhere on the Amazon River in Brazil. And I was there during the World Cup 2006! Here's the tribal children on our boat watching the Brazil (3) vs. Ghana (0) in the quarterfinals. Someone brought out an old TV and fiddled with it and we got a really fuzzy signal for the game.

Also, I'm really embarrassed to say this, but I didn't know that the World Cup was every 4 years until last week (I thought it was every year and that during these nonexistent games I was just busy with other things). And then I remembered my time during Brazil and then it made so much more sense. Don't make too much fun of me :(

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I went spray tanning!

On Wednesday I went to Perfect Tan near BU and Becky came along as moral support :) Earlier in the day the person who confirmed my appointment told me that I should shower and exfoliate, and lightly moisturize before my appointment. So I rushed back to MIT from lab, stopping at CVS on the way to buy a poofy scrubby thing and some lotion, and showered in Dupont Gym at MIT.

Perfect Tan offers two kinds of UV-less tanning: mystic tan and custom air-brush spray tanning. The mystic tan is a chamber that you stand in and the machine sprays you with the pigment. It's all the same color and how dark you are depends on how long you stand in the chamber. The custom air-brush spray tan is applied by a person and there are three levels of pignment: light, medium, and dark. She applies two coats and you can choose the same pigment, or two different ones (like one medium and one light).

I opted for the custom air-brush because I've heard bad things about the chamber (like that it makes your hands, knees, and elbows SUPER dark and sometimes orange). I also figured because an actual person is applying the custom air-brush, she could help me fill in the non-tanned parts better so that I wouldn't have tan lines. So I paid $80 for 3 sessions (or $40 per session): one as a trial to make sure it works, one for the engagement photo session, and one for the wedding.

So this is my "before" picture:

My tan lines aren't actually that bad right now even though I've had a 3-hour practice every Saturday and a tournament last weekend. My tan coach has been doing a good job. :) I've been wearing sleeves when it's not super hot and applying massive quantities of sun screen (and actually remembering to apply every hour or so!) Sluts also suggested pouring cold water on the sleeves to make them cooler in hot weather.

They gave me a paper thong and a paper strapless bra (it's kind of like hospital gown material). And we thought the paper strapless bra was hilarious (it's one size fits all!):

And here's Becky trying it on...

And dancing...!

I don't have any actual pictures of the tanning chamber it because the owner scolded me for trying to take a picture of her salon. But I got into a chamber something not unlike this one except the one I was in had vents in the back and the sides that sucked in air so the pigment doesn't get everywhere in the room:

I removed all my clothing and just wore the thong because I didn't want bra strap tan lines. (Btw, that was the first time I wore a thong, sorry, TMI. =P) The lady came in and put Vaseline on my palms and my fingernails so they don't get darker. I thought I would feel really awkward standing mostly naked in front of her but she was really good about not making me feel even more awkward than I already was.

I chose two coats of "light" just to see what the results would be, and she said that later in the summer I can chose a darker shade depending on how dark I will be at that point. So I turned around in circles, turned my arms and legs in different angles so that she could spray everything evenly. Btw, the tanning stuff didn't smell bad at all, it had hints of maple syrup like the moisturizing self-tanner that I wrote about in a previous post. Anyway, then she wiped off the Vaseline with baby wipes and turned on a regular ol' floor fan and I stood in front of it to dry: 2 minutes on the front and 2 minutes on the back. All done!

This is my "after" picture:

And a side-by-side comparison picture:

The "before" and "after" pictures were taken about 30 minutes apart so the lighting did change a little but probably not by much. I feel like the spray tanning didn't really get rid of tan lines but rather it just made me a shade darker everywhere, so thus maybe the tan lines aren't as noticeable? However, some people have been telling me that the tan lines look *more* noticeable because everything is darker and there is more contrast. Anyway, I could definitely tell that the parts of me which rarely saw daylight, like my mid-section and my feet, were definitely darker. The spray tanning makes you feel a little bit sticky but it wasn't that bad.

I had to wait 6-8 hours before I could shower so I ended up showering about 5 hours later around midnight and a little bit of the bronzer/color came out in the water.

Today is Saturday (3 days later) so here's the progression:

I think in the future I'm going to get the spray tan a day or two (probably just the day before) the actual event. So what do you think, did the spray tanning make my tan lines look less or more obvious? Do you think the results were worth the time and money?