Sunday, April 29, 2012

I think Bryan's calves are deflating.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I went to another mixed team tryouts today, and tried out as a cutter again. I'm doing things as a cutter that I've told cutters not to do.. like, not facing your dump before throwing, and cutting people off. Dah!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I'm trying out for different mixed teams in the Bay Area.. man, there are SO MANY TEAMS! And a lot of the mixed teams' names are sexual (or maybe everything on Urban Dictionary is sexual). It weirds me out!

One fun and interesting thing is that I'm trying out as a cutter instead of a handler. Ever since I hurt my shoulder in October last year (strained my supraspinatus tendon on the most awkward layout ever), I'm very hesitant to throw backhands, and I'm still uncomfortable throwing backhand hucks. The only way I can confidently get backhands off is if I throw really low (which is good, I guess) because it forces me to put a lot of spin on the disc and have a short follow-through after I release, but it really limits my range of backhands.

I did PT for my shoulder for a couple months and it helped a lot so my shoulder didn't limit any normal activities. But it still gets sore when I throw a lot of backhands or do pushups.

Anyway, I tried out as a cutter this past weekend and it was way fun and took a lot of the pressure off my throwing, so I think I played a lot better. It also helped that Doris and Bryan were at tryouts too, reminding me that I play my best when I'm having fun with people I love. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Karen Ng, PhD

I decided a couple weeks ago that I wanted to attend my graduation ceremony because I thought my mom and grandma would enjoy it. So this morning I received an email from MIT telling me that I only have a few more days to reserve my cap and gown before I was charged a $25 late fee. So I went onto the MIT commencement website, which says that I can either reserve my gown in person at The Coop, or I can call in. Obviously I can't reserve my gown in person so I clicked on the website for The Coop (which is linked directly from the MIT Commencement website), and clicked on "Contact Us," which had a phone number for the The Coop.

I called the phone number and spoke to a delightfully friendly person named Adam. I told him my situation, and he said that he can just take my info via phone and will submit my rental request for me. So we went through the process: I gave him my name and all my contact info (including my email,, gave him my height, weight, and credit card number. Then he told me I'm all set and that I can pick up the gown any time before graduation.

Then I said, "Just to confirm, I can pick it up in the Kendall Coop, right? Not the MIT Student Center Coop?"

And then Adam paused.

And said, "Oh. This is actually the Harvard Coop. I guess I forgot to ask you the most important question, which school you're graduating from. And you even said your email was, but we have a lot of Harvard students with MIT email addresses."

Me: "...Oh." I'm such an idiot.

Adam: "Welllll... Let me ask my supervisor and see what the correct protocol is for transferring this order to MIT."

Me (so embarrassed): "No no no, it's okay, just cancel the order, and I'll call the MIT Coop. I'm really sorry..."

I hung up the phone, and turned to my boss, who was sitting next to me (we work in a conference room, with 3 other people, who weren't there yet) and told him, "I just ordered my graduation gown from the wrong school."

I don't deserve to graduate. :(