Monday, April 5, 2010

Yale Cup Day 1 - video

To make up for my memory-fail for Saturday of Yale Cup, here's a video of us playing Swarthmore Warmothers, our second game of the day:

1. Swarthmore pulls and Meri catches it to Amy hitch, who throws it to
2. Cindy cutting in, who dumps it to
3. Smeri the bailout dump cut, who throws upfield to
4. Anna cutting in, who then passes it to
5. Cindy cutting in, who dumps it to
6. Becky who made an awesome fake to cut up the line. She then puts a beautiful flick huck to
7. Anna in the endzone!!!

As you can tell, I was SUPER excited for our very own up-and-coming handler Becky. haha :) This is not to minimize all of the other amazing things that happened this weekend by many people... it's just what I happened to get on video =P

Btw, do I always sound that ridiculous on the field?

T minus 5 days until sectionals this weekend in Portsmouth, RI. Come watch us!