Monday, April 26, 2010

Alum Scrimmage

Saturday night sMITe scrimmaged sMITten, the alum team of sMITe. I think this is the first year that sMITten has enough players in the Boston area that we can actually have a sMITe vs alums game. Awesome!

We have 8 current players (me, Smer, Daisy, Alex, Agnes, Amy, Michelle and Anna) vs 8 alums (Doris, Daphne, Liver, Chrissy, Heather, Lydia, Jin and Shuang). The alums started with a 4-man cup on sMITe and Amy threw a beautiful pass to Agnes through a hole in the cup. There were a lot of nice swings across the entire width of the field between Smeri, Amy, and Michelle. A few more throws through the cup and we were on our endzone line. But then we turned it and the alums ran it downfield and scored. But we *almost* scored the first point!! =P

It was fairly windy so the alums played zone on us. We worked well in zone O, kept the disc moving, poppers generally knew where to stand with a lot of continuations down the field. Our zone D didn't look so hot. There were a lot of holes in the cup and the cup was probably too angled when the disc wasn't close enough to the sideline. We also worked on clam a little bit, which was fun.

In general I think the number one thing sMITe needs to work on offensive flow. There were a lot of times in ho-stack when there was no movement among the cutters and the disc would just get dumped back and forth a bunch of times while the handlers were waiting for the cutters to make a move. I think last Tuesday's practice helped when we assigned people to go in/out depending on who had the disc, and then gradually loosened up the rules to make it a more free-flowing game. We should've tried some of that on Saturday.

Otherwise I think we did a good job of endzone, zone O, and resetting the disc. Thanks alums for coming out and playing us!