Monday, August 22, 2011

New cleats!

I haven't bought new cleats in 3 years. My current pair of cleats were given to me as a gift from Keiko on Hatch 3 years ago. If I remember correctly, they were first given to Doris because she forgot her cleats at Club Regionals, and Keiko was like, "I have a box full of cleats in my car!" And she really did have a box full of cleats in her car; she was literally driving around a cleat store that just carried size 7-8 women's cleats, it was pretty epic! Apparently she buys cleats and if they don't fit her, she just leaves them in a box in her car for other people.

Anyway, that's how I ended up with my pair of Keiko cleats. I love that pair of cleats; they lasted 3 years (through 2 seasons of college and 2 seasons of club), they never gave me any problems and they were amazing. It was only recently that I felt my feet sliding around a lot in my cleats and they're just starting to fall apart.

I bought three pairs of cleats on Zappos last night (Bryan, don't freak out if you see a $150-charge for Zappos on our Mint account, I promise I will return two pairs of cleats once I figure out which one fits the best, haha). They're supposed to ship to Ashdown, but I don't move in until Thursday and I hope they don't arrive before then and the front desk sends them back because I'm not there yet! I plan to break them in at Chesapeake, not the smartest move, but I really need new cleats.

These are the ones I ended up ordering:

Puma Esito Finale

Nike Tiempo Natural

Puma Powercat 3.10

I had an old pair of the Nike Tiempos; they were comfortable but the cleats were flat and wide, and I kept slipping a lot. It looks like they changed them into pegs, so hopefully they will be better. I secretly hope the Puma Powercat fits the best because they just look so awesome. :D I was also told that Pumas run small, so I got a half size larger for the Pumas. Anyway, we'll see.

What cleats do you wear/like?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wuwu! (Day 2)

We won in the finals (4/3 Div 1)! We beat Stonecutters in the quarters and Gothrilla in the semis, and then we played Swingers in the finals. There were impending t-storms, so we played until we first saw lightning. We were down 4-1, and then 6-3, and then somehow we went on a 5-0 run so that at 8-6, when lightning struck, and we immediately stopped the game and we had won! Lucky timing, haha.

There were some amazing Ds from Kes, Wu, and Yang. Pretty hucks from Shawn and Bill as always. Many point blocks by Matty (although there was a guy who managed to throw in between his legs, haha!) Injured Doris a lot by making her lay out; hehe jk, the "Doris is pretty" play worked *almost* every time, until she broke. X had a few nice grabs as well. Anna and Cindy were clutch with their continue cuts. Props to the ladies who powered through this weekend; played with 4 on Sat and 5 on Sun (and 3 during the finals). I surprised myself by laying out a few times; maybe NG is rubbing off on me, next step: some layout Ds! :) Bryan, you'll teach me, right? :)

It's always really fun giving it your all. Even though some people think it was "just summer league" I played really hard and had a great time. I'll miss playing with these people. Luckily they're all on Mixed Nuts so we can continue playing together for a few more months :)

Who has the team picture?!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wuwu! (Day 1)

We won all our games today! I'm also really proud of myself for training Craig how to dish (to me) properly.. heh heh heh. One by one they will all be converted :D

Also the only point I remember out of the whole day: Wu with the disc in the middle of the field about 5 yards out of our endzone. Then Doris makes a cut on the open side, she's WIDE open, 15 yards in front of her girl, and Wu is not even looking at her. So Doris yells, "WU! Are you serious?! I'm going to kill you!" Hahahaha and Wu *almost* turns it by throwing it into the mark, but luckily for him it was a foul, he got the disc back, and we scored. :P

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Backpack!


Look I bought a new backpack so I can fit everything I own into it and then I don't have to worry about losing stuff when I move at the end of the month. It's a little bit heavy though so I'm thinking of attaching some wheels on the bottom so I can just push it along.



So I recently sent that picture with the above message to my mom. And she just sent me a blank email back. So I called her and this is the conversation that resulted:

Mom: (laughing) "Are you crazy?!"

Me: "What..."

Mom: "Why did you buy a backpack that big?"

Me: "It can fit a lot of stuff!"

Mom: "Are you crazy?! How are you going to get it down the stairs?"

Me: "I'll pack it at the bottom of the stairs!"

Mom: "How are you going to put it in the car?!"

Me: "I'll tie it to the top of the car. I have some rope."

Mom: "Are you crazy?! It's going to smash the car!"

Me: "It'll be okay. Cars are strong."

Mom: "I think you should return it and buy a more practical backpack."

Me: "But I like this one! And it can fit so much stuff!"

Mom: "It's going to crush you! How are you going to carry it!"

Me: "Well, I told you, I'm going to buy some wheels and attach it to the bottom and pull it around."

Mom: "People will just see a backpack moving by itself because they can't see you! And you're going to crash into something."

Me: "That's okay. It can fit a lot of stuff."

Mom: "You're crazy! I think you should return it and get a different one."

Me: "But this one can fit so much stuff!"

Mom: "It looks like its for giants! You will look tiny, like Mickey Mouse, very small. Like Tom and Jerry in the cartoons!"

Me: "It's fine, Mom. Don't worry!"

Mom: "I have to take Grandma to physical therapy. Bye!"

Me: "...Oh ok... bye!"

Friday, August 12, 2011


A conversation took place between two friends, a philosopher and a mathematician, who had not seen each or heard from each other in years. The mathematician, who had an exceedingly good memory, asked the philosopher how many children he had. The philosopher replied that he had three. The mathematician then asked how old the children were. His friend, who knew how much most mathematicians enjoy puzzles, said that he would give him a number of clues to the children's ages.

The philosopher's first clue: "The product of the children's ages is 36." The mathematician immediately replied that this was insufficient information.

The philosopher's second clue: "All of the children's ages are integers; none are fractional ages, such as 1 and ¼ years old." Still, the mathematician could not deduce the correct answer.

The philosopher's third clue: "The sum of the three children's ages is identical to the address of the house where we played chess together often, years ago." The mathematician still required more information (but assume the mathematician remembered the street number).

The philosopher then gave his fourth clue: "The oldest child looks like me." At this point, the mathematician was able to determine the ages of the three children. Here is your problem: What are the ages of the three children?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
~ Winston Churchill