Friday, April 23, 2010

Sectionals (Sat) - the pictoral edition

Oops, it's been a while since Sectionals, but pictures are still awesome anyway. Thanks to Bryan and Daphne for taking over 700 pictures that weekend. Actually, one of the pictures Daphne took ended up in The Tech today!

Photo Credit: Daphne Wang
(If you squint and look reeeeally closely, you can kinda see her name on the bottom left hand corner of the picture =P)

Caption: Ethan F. Gillett G throws to Brian J. Munroe G in the Metro Boston sectionals. With the win, the men’s ultimate frisbee team secured a bid to the New England regional tournament in May.

Anyway, now for some sMITe pics:

Becky throwing through the cup

Cindy on the mark

Me hucking over the cup =P

Mangpo's backhand dump

Amy's low-release flick

Michelle's dump

Our awesome 4-man cup

Carolyn's backhand

Chenxia's mark


Cindy's D

Amy's grab

Karen's pull

Patricia clearing?


Michelle pulling!

Smeri's backhhand

Ethan catching


Carolyn's so tall!

Cuuute puppyy!! :)

Becky on the mark

Chelsey and Smeri :)

Sighhh play real ultimate!!