Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yale Cup Day 1

Note: Shuangy took really good notes for me and I forgot to get them from her before she went to Tross' place for the night :( Now I'm forced to try and remember everything that happened today.

It was a high of 65 and the first two rounds wasn't that windy, and the wind picked up for the 3rd and 4th games. We are currently hanging out at the Berkeley College dorm, showering and chilling. A lot of people are sunburnt.

Game 1: MIT vs BU (13-5)
We started off the day playing BU. We started off in ho-stack and man defense and switched to clam at some point.

Game 2: MIT vs Swarthmore (7-12)
Anna scored a lot. Which is awesome because she used to go to Swarthmore.

Sigh... I don't remember anything that happened. I give up. Shuannggyyyyy...

See here for our scores: