Friday, February 27, 2009

Trouble in Vegas (Part 1)

Absolutely one of the most amazing parts of going to Vegas was seeing Yelena! She was coaching the Stanford B team. Here she is deliberating with the other coach, strategerizing and scheming about how they would win the whole tournament (yes, she's wearing Christmas colors):

The second most amazing thing about Vegas also had to do with Yelena. On Saturday night she, Jenny, Bryan, Liver and I went to the seafood buffet in the Rio. It was one of the most gluttenous experiences I've ever had. There was mini lobster tails, crab legs (both hot and cold), shrimp, sushi, different cuts of meat, oysters, and the most amazing dessert bar ever, complete with a gelato wheel-of-fortune thing. An attendant presses a button to spin the wheel of gelato and your flavor of choice stops in front of her; she scoops out a generous portion of gelato-y goodness into a cute plastic cup and gives it to you. Personally I think it would've been much more fun if we could've done it ourselves, but people would've probably broken it.

Here's some of my desserts: chocolate cake/mousse thing, creme brulee, and hazelnut gelato.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Track workouts...

... have officially started. They were supposed to start two weeks ago but we dropped the ball. I'll post what we're doing on this blog so all you smite fans can follow along and get fast with the team. :) Today was week 1: 3 sets of 2x400 and 4x100 decelerators. We had 8 people come out for the track workout. I think the end of the week just gets to people. That makes me think Sun/Tues practices are a good idea for smite.

Some upcoming fun events for smite - you're welcome to come if you're in town:
Sat. Feb 28: 2-4pm - pick-up with the men's team on astroturf
Sat. Mar 7: 8pm - party at 59 elm

Speaking of 59 elm, we're moving on June 1. Since Dodo has a real job and Smeri hates apartment-hunting, that leaves me to look for places, so if you know any place that'll be available June 1 let me know.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

DISC and BAKE Sale! (Tomorrow - Wed Feb. 18)

Come support sMITe (MIT Women's Ultimate Frisbee)!

DISCS - $10 each (comes in white, night-glow, or blue sparkle)

BAKED GOODS - (chocolate chip cookies, fudge, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, brownies, banana bread, cupcakes, apple walnut bread, etc...) - ALL HOMEMADE!

Wed. Feb. 18 (Tomorrow)
9-5pm in the Student Center Lobby
(outside La Verde's)

Please contact me is you would like anything shipped to you :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Trouble in Vegas (Part 0)

I don't have enough time to blog right now, but I have a ton of pictures and a lot of random stories, so stay tuned...