Monday, April 12, 2010

Lost Nalgenes :(

Someone stole my and Smeri's nalgenes at sectionals on Sunday! Ok maybe "stole" is a harsh word, but we definitely had it before the last point of the last game, and then when we were getting ready to leave after the game, we couldn't find them!! And everyone else was pretty much gone and nothing was left on the fields, so someone must've picked it up... and done what with it?! I talked to the TD afterwards and she said no one had turned it in. Bryan and I even did a drive-by of the fields and I dug in trashcans to see if someone just tossed it but I couldn't find it.

And Smeri's nalgene had her name on it in large capital letters, and mine has a bunch of stickers on it (UPA - Play Ultimate, Life is Good, In-N-Out, Sunday River...) so no one could possibly mistake it for theirs. Gahhh I'm so sad... my nalgene has so much sentimental value to me. I've had it for 5 years (won it at Northwestern at a drawing for recycling and being green). It was with me when I started playing ultimate at NU. It has hydrated me on my travels to various counties including Taiwan, Brazil, bunch of European cities. It has gone with me to nationals and countless tournaments I've played in. Wahhhhh. It sounds silly and you might be thinking, "Oh it's just a nalgene... you can get another one for $10" but I was really attached to it :(

Smeri is going to email the Stonehill/Brandeis people who were playing on the field over who we were sharing a sideline with and who might've picked it up after the tournament, but we'll see what happens...

Amy also lost her awesome red/pink jacket and I think it was on that sideline as well. :(