Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sectionals Day 2

The cliffnotes version again...

Executive summary: We came in 7th and we're going to regionals!!!

Conditions: Warmer than yesterday (started off at low-50s, high of mid-60s), slightly windy but not as windy as yesterday.

- During warm-up throws (even before we did our warm-up jog and routine), Becky limps off to the sideline and says that she twisted her other ankle. Ahhhh. She got it taped and was good to go for the last two games.

Round 5: MIT vs Northeastern B (9-3)
- Worked on man defense: dictating and forcing them out
- Michelle, Anna and I for zone O and it worked out really well.
- Floaty huck to Agnes on the sideline, which she ran down and caught :D
- Ethan did really well in zone O as well
- In one point I make a dump cut for Smeri and don't get open. Then Smeri tries to thread it to Anna and somwhere upfield, and Smeri throws the disc (really hard!) into my defender's face. The disc flies 10 feet up in the air, and Smeri catches the disc again. My defender is clutching her face in pain as she walks off the field, and Smeri's mark is like, "I don't think that's legal" (referring to Smeri catching her own throw.) And Smeri's like, "yeah it is, it hit her face." I think Smeri even said something along the lines of, "Yeah we've been practicing bouncing it off people and catching it again." haha omg smeri... ...
- Great cuts from Alex, Patricia, Ashley, and Carolyn in ho-stack and zone O

Round 6: MIT vs Harvard (6-9)
- Defense was straight up to backhand/forehand
- Sideline super involved and running with the players on the field. Up calls and echoing really helped a lot
- sMITe played an awesome game, took half 6-5, but lost overall 6-9
- Pumped us up and kept up our intensity for the next two games!

First game in 7th place bracket: MIT vs BU (8-7)
- I learned that if I call a pick on my girl and Anna is affected by the pick (her girl goes deep and Anna can't follow because she is also picked) and her girl catches the disc, the disc goes back to the thrower, even if Anna didn't have to call pick.
- I D-ed someone when I was completely out of position. I was standing behind her in the endzone, and reached between her two hands above her head to tip the disc. I've never felt so tall :)
- Ashley threw her first forehand in a game!
- For a few points I played the 4th person in the 4-man cup, guarding crashes and upfield throws and got multiple turnovers by covering the crash. Someone on BU crashed through the cup and I got the D, but bounced off the girl who was crashing and landed on the sideline, and she landed on top of me. I was literally on my hands and knees and her face was around my torso as she tried not to land completely full-weight on me... very awkward. And I heard a bunch of BU girls heckling, "Why don't you guys just make out? Why don't you just get her number??" And by the time we both got up, Cindy was calling injury for me and Becky had the disc on the far sideline of the field. Very bizarre... But I wasn't injured so play resumed. =P
- Agnes did our "cheese" play successfully and it was awesome.
- Ashley and Carolyn switched off as the trap mark in the four-man cup and it worked really well. Great job guys :)
- Karen threw a high-release backhand to Carolyn in the endzone. Bad Karen... bad bad Karen. So glad Carolyn caught that =P
- Michelle clutch as deep deep and got many turnovers
- Last point was an epic 20-minute point where both soft cap and hard cap went on during the point when it was 7-7. Becky had multiple run-through Ds and was amazing during this point. We ended up scoring by an around break from Amy to Smeri at the front of the stack in the endzone.

For 7th place (last bid to regionals): MIT vs Wellesley (11-8)
- During one point Smeri got the D and I went deep for her but her huck was short and it went into a Wellesley girl's hands. And Smeri said, "maybe we shouldn't do dumb stuff like that anymore." =P
- Mangpo caught a D on a swing throw from a handler and it was awesome
- A pull play: Amy to Karen to Smeri in the endzone... Smeri laid out for it and got a finger on it but it was too far :( Sorry Smeri.
- Wellesley mis-threw something to one of their cutters and the cutter stepped on the disc and put two holes through it. The coach tried to say that we have to keep playing with the warped disc but I showed him that I could put my finger through it so we got a new disc :)
- Many many awesome dump cuts from Amy and Becky in this game.
- Last point: Karen threw a flick huck to Anna in the endzone for the score

Yeah sMITe!!! Way to make Regionals!!!!

Complete scores:

Congrats to the men's team for also making regionals! They beat out BU for the 5th (and last) bid to regionals 11-9:

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us... Bryan, Atong, Daphne, MattyB, Matt Deberg, and the entire Harvard and Inman CGs :D

Now I have about 500 pictures to sift through so hopefully the next post will have a lot of pics :)