Thursday, September 25, 2008


I've been learning a lot about defense the last two days... Hatch yesterday and sMITe today. We did the backpedaling drill for the first time and people looked pretty good. We also did the offense/defense drill with one cutter and one defender. Defense is hard and it takes lots of practice.

Our first tournament is this Saturday and the weather forecast says 90% chance of precipitation and high winds. There's a chance that it'll get canceled but I really hope it doesn't. Currently sMITe only knows ho-stack so this is especially going to apply to us:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Timmy's going to Huck a Hunk!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Practice was pretty entertaining today. We worked more on ho stack - which cutters are supposed to be cutting depending on where the disc is on the field. We had a scrimmage at the end and it looked pretty good... even though there were a lot of turnovers people knew when they were supposed to be cutting at a stopped disc. If the disc was dumped or swung that was a different story. :)

We're going to our first tournament this Saturday at Wellesley! I have Hatch practice in the afternoon so I can't make it to the tourney but Smeri will be there to relay all the details :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

100 Pushups!

59 Elm is going to be extremely ripped in about 6 weeks. Anyone want to join us? :) We're doing Day 1 tonight while watching Heroes. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I just found out that TIM the Beaver is unavailable that day because he's being rented out to another group. AGH!

TIM the Beaver

Dear CAC,

The women’s ultimate frisbee team (sMITe) is playing in a tournament at Wellesley College on Sat. Sept. 27 under the name “Beaver Fever.” We would be very grateful if CAC allowed us to bring TIM the Beaver off campus to Wellesley College to show our school spirit at this tournament. sMITe has done very well in past tournaments, even making it to the College National Championships this past May. Our team would be proud and honored to show our school spirit with TIM the Beaver in this tournament. Thank you for considering our request.

Karen & Meri
sMITe Co-Captains

Monday, September 15, 2008

Club Sectionals Day 2

Smite started off the second day of club sectionals playing Brute Squad and scored a point!! (The only other team to do that in their pool was Wellesley. And actually now that I'm looking on score reporter it says that they scored two points). Anyway, I wasn't personally there to witness this but apparently it was Shan's high release backhand to Veena in the endzone. Questionable choice in throws but I guess it works sometimes it... Good job guys :) Props to you guys for playing savage for an entire weekend.

Hatch rolled through the college teams in the morning and then played Godiva for 2nd/3rd. We dropped the first three points pretty quickly. I personally felt really nervous for this game, which doesn't bode well for an O-line handler. =P The second point was turnover heavy and I remember just being so tired during that point. We took a time out and refocused ourselves and were able to score a few points in the first half.

I remember the first point we scored: Godiva put a strange zone on us, kinda like a 2-4-1 or 2-3-2 and I threw a few to Jenny who was popping and then I suddenly see Doris wide open behind the deep deep so I just launched a backhand huck and she caught it in the endzone. :) In another point, Shira, Michelle and I were handling in zone O and we were able to work it around and through their cup. There was some nice swinging action and I even threw a hammer to Doris and eventually we scored that point. But we had dropped too many points in the beginning of the half so Godiva took half 8-3.

Our D-Line saved our butts in the second half, getting lots of Ds and then scoring the point. We had a lot of trouble taking away the around throw. We need more active marks and better positioning. We both got broken twice and we actually tied the second half 7-7 so the final score was 15-10 Godiva.

I'm beginning to like ho-stack a lot more. Especially side line plays :)

And we finally had a whole team!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Club Sectionals Day 1

So I wasn't actually at club sectionals today because I was with my family in NY but I sat around with Meri and Doris enough afterwards that I almost feel like I was there...

Smite played savage, beating Brandeis, and losing to Northeastern, Bentley, and Wellesley. Meri handled with Amy, Trisha, and they kinda trained Kelly to be a handler as well. They ran a vert stack during the beginning of the day and then spread later in the day, which worked out pretty well. Meri said that the flow got a lot better throughout the day. I think they're getting another player tomorrow. Hopefully no one is scared by the low numbers... yay PT! :)

Hatch beat all the college teams and were pretty competitive with Lady Godiva. Hatch won the first point and the two teams traded points until half time. Then something happened in the middle (that's how Doris described it), and they traded points again until the end, 13-9 Godiva. Doris said we looked pretty good... I can't wait to play them tomorrow!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Second practice!

Today was fun, we added another cut in our ho-stack offense, learned the go-to drill, and scrimmaged. My favorite part was go-to just because it's so encouraging to see people going to the disc. The scrimmage was still chaotic but much better than Tuesday's practice. It was awesome to see some people make nice sharp cuts - Darlene would've been proud. :)

I think Smite is playing with 7 or 8 each day for club sectionals... yay, the best number to play club sectionals with. =P (I'm sure Doris would completely agree.) I'm bummed that I can't make Saturday (will be at West Point visiting family) but I'll be there Sunday, playing with Hatch. You should come watch!

Does anyone still read this?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Practice!

Smite had it's first fall practice yesterday. We learned how to throw backhands and forehands, and make diamond cuts in preparation for ho stack. Then we had a scrimmage and huck drill at the end of practice. We had about 14 newbies come out to the first practice. I was pretty impressed, considering it had poured earlier in the day. Even though the scrimmage was a bit chaotic, there was definitely talent there and I can't wait to see how Smite develops in the fall season. :)

This evening Doris, Smeri and I put up our wall of discs. Actually it spans two walls: 5 discs over two entryways, including:

- two nationals discs (from 2005 and 2008)
- two smite discs (blue sparkle and neon yellow - misprint!)
- a BUDA disc
- a Chicago Heavyweight Championship disc
- a Gungho disc
- a Life is Good disc
- Smeri's high school disc
- Doris and Michael Vartan disc (if you haven't seen it yet, it's one of those things you have to see)

Club Sectionals this Saturday!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The UPA has official rosham rules!