Tuesday, June 29, 2010

But we really wanted popsicles...

So yesterday was like 95 degrees and freakin' humid and gross out. But Wuwu "played" Skoosh yesterday afternoon. I'm quoting "played" because we always just end up combining teams and scrimmaging each other. Anyway, I jogged lazily around the field and pretended I was playing but I was way too tired from BI. Doris was on the sideline and halfway through the game we decided to go get popsicles for the team.

So we walk to La Verde's and get to the frozen foods aisle.

There are 3 freezer doors of popsicles and Ben and Jerry's and other ice creams but I had my eyes set on these:

Edy's fruit bars, assorted, 12-pack. We had about 15-16 people on the field including players and loiterers so if some people shared, we'd be good. But when I went to open the freezer door we realized that the entire ice cream section was taped shut, like packing tape was stretched across all three freezer doors, preventing us from opening the doors (I tried, hoping the tape would stretch a little, which they didn't.) Doris tells me to go ask the guy at the counter...

Me: "Can we get ice cream?"
Counter guy: "No."
Me: "Whyyyyyyy..."
CG: "The freezer is broken."
Me: "But it's so hot outside..."
CG: "Ok if you can get to the ice cream without opening the doors, you can have it."
Me: "OK!"

So Doris and I got back to the ice cream aisle and we assess that the 12-pack assorted Edy's fruit bars are about 6-7 boxes away from the first openable door. Starting from the ones closest to the door, it was lemon, then strawberry, then lemonade, then coconut, then lime (all 6-packs), THEN the 12-pack. UGH. So I reach across and I can only get to the beginning of the coconut, there was no way I can get to the 12-pack. So Doris and I settle for strawberry (which was easy to get to) and then we really wanted the lime.

I try again to reach the lime but my arms were still too short. So Doris says, "Let me try, my arms are longer." So she reeeeeaaaches across the freezer doors and can barely reach the beginning of the lime box. She falls over, sitting on a bag of ice where her butt is, and leans a little bit more to tip the lime off the shelf and it falls to the bottom of the freezer, which made it much easier to pick up. Success!!

Btw, if anyone were to walk by during this entire popsicle-retrieving endeavor, they would've seen me or Doris with half our bodies inside the freezer, sitting on bags of ice, with the other half of our body hanging out of the freezer. If only we had brought a camera with us.

So Doris climbs out of the freezer clutching the prized lime bars and says, "I think I ripped my shirt." HAHA and sure enough she turns around and there's this hole in her shirt from the edge of the shelf digging into her back. And it's like a cotton work attire shirt too, not a frisbee t-shirt.

So we bring our strawberry and lime bars to the counter and he says, "You really wanted popsicles, huh?" And I was like, "YES. it's REALLY hot outside." hahaha yayyy popsicles. They were totally worth it. Except I didn't really do anything for them, it was all Doris and her long arms. Haha.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Boston Invite Day 2

Round 1 on Sunday we played WTF (Women's Team Frisbee, a bunch of ex-Ambush players and current college players). We came out really hard and won easily 15-1. Agnes was on WTF and she caught their score!! I'm so proud of her :)

Second round we played Mystik. We learned some clam during this game which was a lot of fun. There was one point where we had two people playing the same position, leaving the entire break side of the field wiiiiide open. It was really confusing for everyone including the sideline because we didn't know what was going on. I don't remember if we won or lost that point but lesson learned: make sure everyone has a different position. Don't remember what the score was but we played really well and won.

Third round was against Hearstmeadow, a combination of Amherst and Longmeadow (thanks Darlene!) High Schools. There were several junior worlds players and some really amazing frisbee players in general and it was a really FUN game. I spent a lot of my points covering this handler who was super fast and squirrely and it was really fun (and tiring) to cover her. Michelle told me afterwards that she's never seen me play defense so hard. Haha. Aside from a break on their end, we traded points during the first half and many of the points didn't have turnovers. The points that did have turns had a LOT of them.

I accidentally broke Doris this game by throwing her a huck that she had to lay out for. She did something to her elbow (hyper-extended it again? it's been a recurring injury), but she caught the it! And several points later I was throwing to her while she made an in-cut, but my flick popped up which went over both her and her D's heads and then Doris spun around to catch it anyway. Good job Doris and soorrryyyy... I was just trying to make you look good :)

This was Saturday afternoon when Doris' back was hurting and I was trying to massage her with my feet. And my entire body weight.

But it just looks like I killed Doris and I'm asian squatting on her dead body.

After BI the returners stuck around to discuss the tryouts and make cuts. Oh man that was the hardest decision(s) ever. We initially limited the meeting to an hour but it took almost an hour and a half. It would've been easy if there were some people that sucked, but everyone played really really well and we wanted to take everyone but we couldn't. Everyone should be proud with their play this weekend. :) And congratulations to our new and improved Hatch roster. version 3. :D

Friday, June 25, 2010

Boston Invite Day 1

There are 8 women's teams in BI so we played a round robin: 4 games today and 3 tomorrow. We started off playing Portsmouth where we went down 0-5 really quickly because we kept getting beat to the open side and not completing simple throws and catches. We took a time-out, did sprints for being bad, and then got our heads in the game. We lost the game by a few points (maybe 10-15) but we definitely played better second half.

Our second round was against Missconnduct. We continued our intensity from the previous game and took half 8-3. Sometime during that half, I D-ed a huck with my face, and cleated myself while laying out for an up-the-line throw. I also hit the back of my head on the ground trying to get a D in a weird way. I didn't hit the ground super hard but I had this pounding headache for half an hour afterwards. It was a painful half. Second half we won 15-4. Woo!

Third round we played QUB who is a pretty tall and fast team from Canada. It was pretty frustrating playing with them because they made up a bunch of rules (about traveling, about best perspective, and about double-team)... ugh it was annoying. There was one instance where I picked up the disc after they turned it and then stepped out to throw a backhand break and she called travel on me because she can't handle my extreme pivoting skills. We ended up losing by a few points, but we played well as a team.

Fourth round we played Salty, yet another team from Canada but this one knew how to speak English. This was definitely our best game of the day. We were fired up and played tight D and took half 8-7. We ended the game at 15-10.

Three more games tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is me, losing my mind

I haven't been able to find my phone since Monday night (and by my phone I mean Smeri's old phone that she gave me in March because I left my phone on a plane after a red-eye flight...). Anyway, I'm pretty sure it is at my place or Bryan's place. But we both searched both our places since then and haven't been able to find my phone. But I sent an email to Antrim to ask if any one of them has seen my phone:

Me: "Have any of you seen my cell phone at antrim? I am pretty sure I brought it over on monday night but I haven't seen it since. I feel like i'm losing my mind."

Keith: "i think i say it with you on monday, but havent seen it or your mind since.

Me: "you saw it on monday evening when i was at your place?"

Keith: "pretty sure yea"

Me: "OH"

Keith: "you got a call on it"

Me: "when i was like in the living room? you guys were doing pushups on monday night"

Keith: "yes"

Me: "oh ok, this is promising. thanks keith."

... a few seconds later ...

Me: "um, did i take the call?"

Keith: "yes"

Me: "i did?? who was i talking to?"

Keith: "i have no clue"

Me: "oh"

Yep, I'm losing it. Help me out here... were you talking to me on the phone on Monday night? And where is my phone?!?!?

(and yes, I called it on Tues morning and it went straight to voicemail...)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My family

These pictures were taken in one of Taiwan's train stations in December 2009. My family went back to Taiwan to see more family and Gordon and I bought these hats in the night markets. Now you see why I am the way I am. :)

My mom, me, Gordon, my grandma

My dad, my grandma, and Gordon

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Those are some crazy winds

Boston has been getting a lot of crazy thunderstorms lately with lots and lots of wind and rain. On Sunday Bryan and I drove back to my place (the grey/yellow building in the picture) after a friend's wedding and found an entire top off of a tree blocking the width of Chatham. I think a car was hit but it was the fluffy soft parts of the tree (aka leaves) that hit it, so it didn't look like there was any damage.

Friday, June 4, 2010

What are you thinking?!

So yesterday Bryan and I went to Cambridge City Hall to ask about marriage licenses and how to get them. We walked up to the counter and Bryan says:

B: "How do we go about getting a marriage certificate... marriage license... Uh, how do we get married?"
City Hall Clerk (CHC): "What?! Why?! Are you crazy?!"
B: "Uhhh..."
CHC: "Why would you want to do that?! Did she put you up to this?" (pointing to me)
B: "Uhhh..."
K: "Whatever, he's the Canadian."

ha ha... very funny. =P

Anyway, so what we need to do is fill out an intention form ($35) and it's valid for 60 days (i.e. you fill out the form <60 days before you get married). The intention form asks for your names, addresses, occupations, SSNs, parents' names and occupations. And then the form is ready 3 days after you actually get married. We don't even have to show ID. =P