Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sectionals Day 1

The cliftnotes version:

Conditions: Super duper crosswindy for all four games, high of 50s

Round 1: MIT vs Wellesley (8-4)
- We played on a field with a tree that partly overhangs into the tree
- The tree helped us get a lot of Ds
- We went up 3-0 for the first three points
- Lots of zone O and D for both teams, bendy throws were key
- Worked on 4-man cup
- First point of the game, Agnes catches a floaty disc among a group of people in the endzone for the score

Round 2: MIT vs Stonehill (3-11)
- Lots of drops by us
- Threw a lot of hucks away (my bad)
- Stonehill frequently looking to throw it deep
- Daisy had a lot of nice grabs in the zone as a popper
- Cindy was key playing deep in zone O

Round 3: MIT vs Wellesley B (11-2)
- Practiced man defense, then clam, the zone
- Fun times for all

Round 4: MIT vs Northeastern (4-11)
- Fun, intense game
- In one point, I marked up against Michelle on Northeastern. She threw away a high release because of my amazing mark. And then I dropped an easy swing in the next possession because of her intimidating presence on D.
- Tried clam on Northeastern but they had a lot of quick throws to generate flow
- Zone defense was not really effective because the mark kept getting broken
- Played man defense and worked pretty well
- Difficult to convert offensive flow to scores
- Good zone O swinging the disc across the field and crashing the cup to gain yards

Tomorrow: Last two pool games against Northeastern B and Harvard. Then playing in the 7th place bracket. We have to win the last two games of the day. Go SMITe!!!