Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wuwu vs. Capture The Dream

Last night Wuwu fielded 7 girls and 6 guys to play against Capture the Dream on MIT Turf. (This game reminded me of the finals in regionals when sMITe played Northeastern - a lot of the girls on Capture were from Northeastern.) I wasn't there for the first point in this game because I forgot the cones at my house and Shawn had to drive me back to get the cones. When we arrived back on the turf, we found out that the other team had cones after all (they originally told us they didn't). But then they only had 7 cones so we used a pylon for the 8th cone. =P

Anyway, Capture put a zone defense on us right away but Shawn's amazing handling and scoober skills discouraged them from playing any more zone for the rest of the game. During one of the points there was a nice dump swing from Shawn to Daphne and we scored on the break side. Darlene would've been proud.

In another point Brian Wu had an amazing full-field huck to NG in the endzone. Oh wait, it couldn't have been Brian Wu, because he wasn't there... Right...

Anyway, we traded the next few points and soon the score was tied at 4-4. Capture took a time-out while Wuwu sat on the sideline and made fun of MattyB who wasn't even there. Capture took the next several points, capitalizing on Wuwu's drops and they took half 8-5.

After a hearty "Woo-wooooo" cheer at half-time, Wuwu came back strong. Shawn threw it deep to Smeri in the endzone for a score. In another point, he hucked it to NG, who made a sliding grab on the turf. During one endzone play, NG made a great in-cut, only to slide underneath the disc. I guess that's what happens when old running shoes meet a wet crappy turf.

As first-time players for Wuwu, Chenxia, Jess, and Zach made some really nice cuts. Foote played amazing defense and was an all-around solid player for Wuwu. On the contrary, Eugene Wu played lazy man defense until I yelled at him to play tighter D and then he got a D. What d'ya know... (Maybe all Wu's play lazy D.)

Amy had an incredible one-handed grab way above her head. Daphne played tight defense and got a run-through D. Liver cut break for Shawn for a score. Smeri made amazing Asian-stutter-step cuts and got open as usual. And Brian Wu's lightning fast reaction scored him a hand-block... wait wait wait... he wasn't there.

Anyway, Capture rolled through Wuwu the second half (probably because we only had one Wu) and won the game 15-7.

Note: All the disparaging remarks about Wu was because he said (twice!) that he would show up for the game but ended up flaking out.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's official!

We're moving in tonight! I met up with my landlord yesterday and he handed me three sets of keys to our new place. My friend Jen is lending me her furniture for the summer so we moved it all in yesterday. We have a nice dining table, couch, I have a bed, desk, and dresser. And we have a keyboard and a roomba for the summer as well :)

Tonight my friend Chris is renting a Uhaul and we're moving his stuff (he's subletting from Smeri), my stuff, and Dorphne's stuff over to 59 Elm and hopefully we can start living there this weekend.

So yesterday Bryan and I played pick-up with some SidPac people (they posted a flyer). I think I'm becoming a frisbee snob because pick-up just isn't as fun anymore. Here are some funny rules that can be bent/broken in pick-up (granted this is pick-up in the extreme sense, but still):
  • When you drop the pull, you can pick it up and keep playing.

  • Strips are allowed.

  • Here's a funny scenario that happened:

    Guy, let's call him Bob, picks up the disc at the back of the endzone and starts "faking"
    Me: stall 1, 2, 3...
    Random guy on Bob's team: you can walk it up to the line
    Me (meanwhile): ...6, 7, 8...
    Bob walks it up to the line.
    Me: TRAVEL!
    Bob: C'mon, this is pick-up!
    Me: You're right, rules don't apply in pick-up... Play on!

  • The one-bounce rule: if you drop the disc but still catch it before it bounces twice, it's still good. (It's like tennis! - no double bounce)

  • Boundaries are fences that separate the field from the street.

  • Fouls are allowed. In every sense. It's even a strategy! On the line, my teammate said, "Let's just foul them." =P

  • If offense and defense both grab the disc at at the same time, it's a jump ball. I mean, jump disc. Whatever.
    Me: If both of you guys grabbed it at the same time, the disc goes to offense.
    My teammate: But a jump disc would be more interesting.
    Me: True. Ok jump disc it is. (They actually did it.)
Yay pick-up!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What keeps the cows in?


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Whistles go whoo whoo!!

We're going to get jerseys that have Brian Wu's face on one side and Eugene Wu's face on the other. Just kidding...

On Thursday we played against Tubbs in South Boston. The heat wave finally broke so it was really nice weather for the game. It was fun to play zone O: their mark was really good so we put MattyB and Tait as handlers and Daphne and I played wing. And we were able to work it up the field to score. There's just something really satisfying in playing zone O :)

We ended up losing 13-15 but it was a really good game. I was practicing to be aggressive on the field, demanding the disc more. I hope I didn't come off as a disc-hog. :P I can't wait to play at JazzFest... only 3 more weeks!

I called my landlord yesterday and he said that we can move in a few days early (Sunday June 29). So for the people who are coming into Boston early, you guys can stay with me and Daphne in our new place and help us get settled in :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer League

We had our first game of summer league yesterday. Our team name is Wuwu. Don ask.

In yesterday's game against Fetch, Wuwu started off really well, especially considering that most of the team hadn't played ultimate in about a month and playing with boys takes some getting used to. Handling were Keith, NG, Karen and Smeri, our "Not-A-Handler Handler," and there were some nice deep looks to MattyB and Smeri (she didn't throw to herself).

Ben "the flying squirrel" Moss got mad air on his layouts as always. In one point, Karen threw an I/O break to NG in the endzone, which almost got D'ed by MattyB because he wasn't CLEARING WIDE. =P In another point, Smeri hucked to Liver, who's defense didn't know how to read, so Liver caught it in the endzone for a score. Natasha had some awesome grabs up high; way to be tall, Natasha! Wuwu took first half 8-6. (Omg! We won the first half!) =P

In the beginning of the second half, Wuwu dropped a few points because they were still learning how to exploit Fetch's poachy D and their defense was slowing down a little as well. In one point, MattyB caught a huck from Karen a few yards from the endzone and called a time-out. His plan: Smeri go up the line. And after the disc was tapped in, that's exactly what happened, yay for plans that work.

In another point, NG lays out for MattyB's weird floaty forehand. A few points later, NG lays out for a disc coming at shoulder-height and his calf cramps. Liver to the rescue: she runs to his bag for TUMS and throws them to NG who's still in pain on the ground. The TUMS bottle breaks open and berry-flavored TUMS fly all over the field. NG eats them off the ground and he's good to go the next point. Many turnover-heavy points later, Fetch wins 16-15 on universe point.