Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scrimmage against Northeastern

Scrimmages are always fun - a chance to play people besides us. We had 15 people and worked on spread, stack, hard man D, and clam. Our offense and flow look pretty good - there were several points when the disc was always moving: Doris to Daphne to Jenny for a score; or when Erika, Smeri, and another handler worked it up the entire field for a score. It was exciting to watch. :)

Our defense needs some work. We gave up many points because we were beat to the open side (something that I still need to work on), because our dump was getting beat up the line, or we just didn't match up wisely. Sometimes it was something dumb like we didn't pay attention to who we're on when we pulled, or they didn't know the force. If we just talked to our mark, telling them inside or around, it would help a lot. I also think we just need to want it more.

Our clam defense is improving a lot. Steph has great field awareness and is amazing at playing I/O lane, Doris is great at deep - as always, and Smeri chasing. It was a good learning experience to play clam against another team. Some people haven't been to practice very much in the last few weeks so at times it was difficult, but still a good learning experience... that's what scrimmages are for. :)

There were a lot of little things that made this scrimmage great: Natasha making a great cut - closing the space between her and her girl and then turning her hips sharply for an in cut. Also Kelly making a great cut and then passing it to Chenxia upfield. There were many points where our girl caught the disc, didn't freak out, held onto the disc, and flipped it back to the handler. On defense, Kelly's mark has improved a lot.

We want to bring up the intensity level in our practices: to push ourselves, set goals for ourselves, and really strive towards them. I'm excited to see what this team can do in the next few weeks. It's unreal how fast the season has gone... I can't believe we're going to North Carolina in two weeks!

Smeri: "did I tell you my dad read your blog? he was looking for my thesis online, but instead he found out about my weather controlling abilities, so then I had to explain to my whole family how I control the weather"