Monday, March 10, 2008

Introducing... Stephanie

Name: Stephanie

Year: 2nd Year Grad

Major: Architecture

Height: 5'-6"

Favorite position (or throw or play): i've been having fun as a popper

Personal strength: field positioning

Personal goal(s): get better at throwing the disc

Interests: Surfing, hiking, cycling, lacrosse, photography, and traveling

I don't have any pics of Steph because she joined sMITe in the spring but we're very glad she did. I remember teaching her how to throw during her first practice and she picked up forehands and backhands before we started our warm-up run. She's also very heads-up on the field and is really good at catching. Even though she's architecture and has a crazy busy schedule (she went to Thailand last week!) she still makes time for practice and asks good questions about the game. :)

So last night Doris and I worked on hotel and rental car stuff for Easterns. I called this hotel called "Baymont Inn" in Wilmington and I talked to the receptionist who was named "Darlene":

me: Do you have 4 double rooms from Mar 28-30?

Darlene clicks away on her computer...

Darlene (in a super cheerful Southern accent): We sure do! Is this for a sports team?

me: Yes!

Darlene: Is it high school girls soccer? Because I'm coordinating hotel reservations for a high school girls tournament that weekend and all the teams get a discount!

me: Um... yes, we're a women's sports team... it's kinda like soccer...

Darlene: Ok! We'll give you the discount too!

me: Sweet!

Darlene clicks some more...

Darlene: What team name is this reservation under?

me: MIT Women's Ultimate

Darlene: Like, Ultimate Frisbee?! That's so neat!!! Yes, it's a $15-off discount.

me: OMG you're the most awesomest hotel receptionist EVER!!!!

Ok I didn't really say that last part, but she is pretty cool. :)