Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Introducing... Svetlana

Name: Svetlana

Year: 2011

Course: 14 and 18.. econ and math

Height: 5' 7"

Favorite Position: so far, not a handler? anything, really..

Personal Strengths: running.. decent throws

Personal Goal(s): to always know what's going on while in the field

Interests: drawing, reading, pick-up ultimate, going for walks, meeting people

During our first fall tournament at Wellesley, the sideline decided "Svetlana" was a mouthful to say on the field so her name is now "Lana". She'd get my vote for the next beautiful one on sMITe, to take after Yelena.

Practice last night was intense, tiring, and really fun. :) We worked on man-D and started off with 5-pull where the team that doesn't score runs sprints. I think the final score was 2-3-5 so each team ran 7-8 sprints. There were a lot of drops in the first few points but by the end of the game people were starting to play better man-D and the turns were due to good defense rather than just careless drops.

The scrimmage against ourselves at the end of practice was awesome. It was Catherine, me, Daphne, Shan, Chenxia, and Natasha vs Erika, Trisha, Amy, Jenny, Smeri, Svetlana, and Jess. We were down the first half - mostly because I sucked getting open as a dump and we were a little slow on defense - but came back during the second half with some pretty good offense with some dump-swing action. The team that lost also had to do sprints. Anyway, I don't think I've ever been that tired after a practice. :P And I think I got mild whiplash from hitting the ground (Svetlana knocked me over during the two-cut drill).

Wednesday is the last indoors practice! To celebrate, we're going to have a full tournament-situation scrimmage.

Until then, this is what Dictator Daphne has been up to: