Monday, March 24, 2008

Introducing... Erika

Huck a Hunk 2007


Year: Grad

Major: EAPS (12 if you must)

Height: 5'6

Favorite position(s): popper is my favorite, then cutter, then handling in zone, then anything but wing. The more space I have to move in, the happier I am. On defense, I really like defending handlers in a force middle situation.

Personal Strength(s): My athleticism is definitely a strong point, and my defense as well.

Personal Goal(s): I need to work on staying out of the way of other people, and throwing IOs. I'll also be working on my deep throws.

Interests: climbing, hiking, nearly any athletic activity with cool people and/or in cool places

Erika is pretty much awesome at everything: being super fast, making decisive cuts, playing shut-down defense, and making smart throws. As a captain, she's a great example to the team and encourages people to work on their goals. I really love playing with Erika because she challenges me to push my limits as well. And she gives really good feedback on how to improve, particularly on my dump cuts and defense. And her enthusiasm for the game is really contagious! :)

And btw, happy birthday Erika!