Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Introducing... Jenny

Name: Jenny


Major: CS

Height: 5'10"-ish

Favorite Position: Rolled into a ball with my hands over my ears. But, if you mean
frisbee position, definitely long.

Personal Strength(s): I'm tall.

Personal Goal(s): Getting more comfortable with the disc and playing closer defense.

Interests: Ultimate, duh. Also, robots, contra dance, sailing/windsurfing. Preferably not all at once.

Jenny joined sMITe with her last year of eligibility after playing four years of Swarthmore ultimate. This speedy girl loves to go deep every chance she gets and is really good at reading/finding the disc. We like to see her and Smeri duke it out during the huck drill. :)

Jenny's house also has the softest carpet in the whole world. We stayed at her place when we played in Carpe Discum in the fall. She also has these crazy setups in her house like three monitors suspended from the ceiling so her dad can work sitting on the bed:

3 more days until Easterns!!!