Friday, March 14, 2008

Introducing... Dorphne [edits added]

Dor enjoying our Pat Bell tourney winnings.


M. Eng-er

Major: EE

Height: 5'4'' and a half (and yes, that half is really really crucial)

Favorite position (or throw or play): deep in any junk D, popper

Personal strength: run through Ds

Personal goal(s)
: better mark, better hucks, better handler cuts

kitchenware/baking, karaoke, guitar hero

Captain Planet! She's our hero! Going to take pollution down to zero! Huck a Hunk 07.

(a.k.a. Captain Planet)


Major: 7 (Biology)

Height: 5'2"

Favorite position (or throw or play):

Personal strength: shoulder shimmy fake

Personal goal(s)
regain speed/stamina, man-d, seeing the field better in zone/clam/1-3-3

baking cookies in large quantities, Chipotle (added by Karen)

Dorphne is one entity. The coaches still get them confused sometimes. And I feel like my readers know them better than I do so I'll let you guys talk about them.

[EDIT] Ok a few words about Dorphne: Phne is way too excited about Chipotle, making movies, making dumplings, and playing sMITe hockey. Dor is way too excited about cute animals, cute robots, crossword puzzles, and rock band. I was really freaked out when I first heard Dor wheezing like her lungs were collapsing. Now I'm like, "Oh, that's normal." :/

Another fond memory of Dorphne is when Phne is helping Dor stretch her hamstring and Dor is on the ground, whole body shaking while Phne has this maniacal grin on her face as she's pushing Dor's leg over her head. And then this past fall I had Phne do it to me and it feels pretty good. :P

I actually haven't played too much with Phne because she tore her meniscus last fall (06) during Huck a Hunk and has been trying to get healthy since then. After surgery and lots of PT it seems like she's getting a lot better. And then during one practice in the the fall (07) she was like, "I threw my back out!!" and now she has back problems. You'd think that I'm talking about a 60-y.o. woman, but no, she's only 22. But anyway, when she does play, she has amazing movement and command on the field (I guess that's where the Dictator part comes into play - I actually didn't know about Dictator Daphne until last week when Liver told me). She's very good at the hucking part of the "give-and-go-and-huck" and Dor is usually catching it on the other end. I've heard Phne is also a very good deep deep but I unfortunately haven't seen her play that position very much.

Dor can play anything on the field. When we split up into handlers and cutters to work more on individual skills, she has an identity crisis and doesn't know which group to join. But she's a cutter at heart and is a good sport about handling when we're short on handlers. She's an amazing short deep and deep deep. She's just come out of nowhere and get the D. And when she doesn't get the D she gets really frustrated and does a little "dang-it-what-was-I-thinking??" dance, flailing her arms and jumping up and down. :P She also has amazing acceleration and field sense, which is where many of her run-through Ds come from. She's clutch as a popper, catching many of my hammers and throws through the cup.

Speaking of throwing hammers to Doris, so earlier today I was taking a nap, and I was sleeping on my stomach (does anyone else do that?) with my left arm underneath me and my right arm over my head. And I was dreaming about ultimate - that I was handling in zone O (we worked on zone yesterday in practice) and wanted to throw a hammer to Doris and I remember thinking the cup was huge (Kari: 6'0", Shan: 5'6", Jenny: 5'10", Smeri: 5'4" as my mark - she's little but has a big mark). Anyway I threw the hammer to Doris, and apparently I threw it in real life too because I woke up with a pain in my right hand - I had hit my right hand on the board on top of the bed.

Finally, one last picture of Nancy Sun guarding Captain Planet: