Thursday, March 27, 2008

Introducing... Veena

Name: Veena


Major: Chemistry and Physics

Height: 5' 6"

Favorite Position: deep / mid / the stack in general (man)...and popping (zone) :)

Personal strength: ...being crab-like?

Personal goal: cut harder and faster, and run through (on O and D!!)

Interests: tennis, gossip girl (it's a phase...), climbing, chocolate, long-ish runs, volunteering!

One of the things I love most about Veena is her intensity and enthusiasm for ultimate. School and research have kept her pretty busy in the fall but whenever she does make it to practice, she runs her hardest with a huge smile on her face. :)

Well, that's everyone. I'm pretty sure there are a few who never filled out the survey, but I'll hunt them down when I have time. Easterns is tomorrow!!! I'm actually really nervous about logistics. I got two phone calls today: one of the girls said they couldn't make it due to a lot of work/pressure from her advisor, and another girl is stuck in another country and won't make it to Raleigh until really late. Maybe it's just my nerves, but I'm really nervous that something will go wrong: like they won't give us our cars at the rental place or we won't have a place to stay on one of the nights. I really hope we all get there safely, and all get back safely. And then in between getting there and coming back, we'll have an awesome time playing ultimate in awesome weather.

Some random stats about Easterns for us:
- 16 players and one coach
- 3 freshmen
- 9 grad students
- 5 people new to sMITe (that's including the freshmen)
- 5 people's last year of ultimate (Doris, Daphne, Erika, Catherine, Jenny)
- everyone is flying (no one driving this year!)
- Our competition: Wake Forest, NYU, Davidson, Duke, UNCW, NC State, UVA, Emory, Georgia Tech, ECU, and Appalachian
- Friday - high 78, low 56
- Saturday - high 62, low 45
- Sunday - high 58, low 51

Ahhhhh Easterns here we come!!!