Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Introducing... Trisha & Shan

With new video feature!!!

This video is from Pat Bell Memorial in the fall where Natasha dumps it to Trisha, who swings it to Catherine, when Trish's D falls in front of her. Then Catherine throws to Shan for a score!!!



ourse: MSE


Favorite position:
somewhere far away from my defender

Personal Strength:
(written by Karen): always running hard, always excited to play ultimate, consistent throws and constantly trying to improve her throws like low throws and hucks

Personal Goal: improve throws to away cuts

Interests: aside from ultimate, noodling at a piano and baking cookies


Name: Shan

Year: G

Major: Biological Engineering

Height: 5-6

Favorite position: going deep! (and wing on ZoneD)

Personal strength of yours: I can fall asleep just about anywhere (was this supposed to be ultimate related, too?) and Karen adds: sweet layouts, ability to catch almost everything, and great cup defense

Personal goal: thro' like a pro

Interests: cookies (making & eating)