Sunday, March 23, 2008

Introducing... Adele

Sectionals 2007 against BU at MIT.


Year: G

Major: Architecture

Height: 5'7"

Favorite position(s): Defense: Deep; Offense: Middle, Wing; Dreams: Handler

Personal strength(s): being a big mark, jumping, throwing...usually

Personal goal(s): Be stronger mentally... Bid for D's... Don't play like a lazy OB... Shut down dumps on D...

Interests: Illustration + Graphic Design, Biking, Hiking, Baking and Cooking for my Sweet Sweet Boyfriend

I was surprised to read that Adele is 5'7" because she seems much taller on the field. And probably also because last year she was the tallest person on the team. :P But not this year!!! :) :)

Anyway, Adele is our team super artist and designed last year's sweatshirt and is in the process of designing a disc for us, and possibly new sMITe apparel? I don't know, architecture keeps her pretty busy. Anyway, Adele is pretty versatile on the field. She takes initiative and makes those first cuts and many times she's the bail-out cut, like when the stall is at 8 and I'm freaking out because there's no one cutting for me. Btw, what's an "OB"?

This week is spring break so I'll be introducing the last five players on sMITe, one per day. Then we can start talking about tournaments and the college series. :) Here's our schedule for the rest of the season:

March 29-30: Easterns (Wilmington, NC)
April 5-6: Yale Cup (New Haven, CT)
April 19-20: Sectionals (Lancaster, MA)
May 3-4: Regionals (Lancaster, MA)
May 16-18: Nationals (Boulder, CO)