Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sectionals this weekend! NYC last weekend!

Hatch is playing in club sectional this weekend in Lancaster! The schedule is up but it's probably not final, depending on when you read this. Earlier there were 15 teams: 3 pools of 4 and 1 pool of 3, and then recently two teams dropped out and now there's this business with two giant pools, which I think is the worst idea ever but I don't have a better solution so I guess I shouldn't complain.

I'm pretty excited about club sectionals, any excuse to play in a tournament is super. The last few weeks Hatch has been having double practices and scrimmaging ourselves, which gets kind of old.

This past weekend I went to the US Open in NYC :)

Bryan and I got a grounds pass so we were able to watch all the smaller courts (anything besides Arthur Ashe and Louis Armstrong stadiums). We watched a men's doubles' match and the a men's singles match between Robin Soderling and Sam Querrey. My brother actually played and beat Sam Querrey when they were kids (around 14 maybe?) and they played at the same tennis club. Then we watched Shahar Peer (5'7" and 130 lbs) and Svetlana Kuznetsova (5'9" and 160 lbs). Kuznetsova just had so much more power than Peer, no comparison.

Bryan and I with the tennis ball car. It actually feels fuzzy like a tennis ball!!

We also went to a ninja restaurant called Ninja New York:

The entrance to the restaurant was on the street level and we took an elevator down to the actual restaurant. The lights in the elevator dimmed so that it was pretty much dark when we arrived at our stop. Right when the elevator doors opened to let us out, we heard this huge thwacking noise, which made me jump. This ninja/waiter person had smacked his sword against the elevator. And then he said, "Would you like to take the ninja route or the shortcut?" And Bryan and I look at each other and said, "I think we pretty much have to take the ninja route since we're at the ninja restaurant." So we went down this really dark and windy hallway where ninjas jumped out at us once in a while and yelled, "HIYA!" Hahaha, anyway, we eventually got seated in the "Rock Garden." Then the ninja waiter came up and gave us a drink menu and a menu in a scroll! And we just got water and he said, "ninja water?!" And I was like... "sure..." Anyway, it was really entertaining.

Some of the dishes came with "ninja presentations" with smoke and fire. Our appetizer was raw scallops and king crab that came on this scallop half-shell, which was sitting on a bed of alcohol-infused salt, which the ninja waiter lit. So cool... And then there was another dish which was basically teriyaki beef over rice and it was inside a stump:

It was basically something like eggroll-wrappings or dumping wrappings draped and painted to look like a stump. Bryan had to karate-chop it before we could eat it. =P