Friday, September 11, 2009


I've had a few nicknames over the years and almost all of them have come from frisbee. Lately Hatch has been calling me Midlife, a nickname started by Smeri and propagated by Jin. How did I get this nickname you ask? Well, Smeri had a good friend back in the day also named Karen. And when I came into Smeri's life, I became New Karen and the other Karen was dubbed Old Karen, even though I'm older in years than Old Karen.

Then this year on Hatch there's another Karen from BC, so she became New Karen and I became Middle Karen and then they decided that Midlife sounds better than Middle Karen, which, I agree with, but MIDLIFE??? Really??? And Doris likes to call me CRISIS now, which I think sounds better than Midlife. Midlife makes me sound old and decrepit and boring (hey - don't go there.)

Incidentally, the now "New Karen" is actually called Butter (I have no idea why). Hatch likes to make up dumb names (ahem). And because I know another Butter, who's older, non-Asian, and a boy, I've been calling "New Karen" Butterball. And because she hates it so much, it has kinda stuck. =P

Anyway, Jin introduced me to sMITe yesterday as Midlife and I just got a bunch of weird looks from the newbies and evil snickers from Smeri and Sluts.