Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting old :( ... and apple picking!!

I used to pride myself in not ever getting injured. I've been playing ultimate for 4 years now and up until this summer I've never really had any injuries, minor or serious. But lately during this club season I've had random annoyances (injuries seem to be overstating it). In the last two months I have had tendonitis in my ankle/lower shin area, pain/tightness in my loser hamstring right behind my knee, and a sore back after every tournament or double practice. I'm convinced that even mosquitoes like biting me more now. Anyway, I really love ultimate but my Mondays are so unproductive because I'm so exhausted/sore/depressed after tournaments or Sunday practices.

This past weekend I went apple picking with like 15 other people. It was such a beautiful day and I had a lot of fun. Here's Sluts (now captain captain of sMITe) showing off her guns (i.e. capability of handling captain captain duties. hehe)

Then I went to Antrim to watch the NU vs Syracuse football game (which NU lost by a field goal in the last second of the game! Argh...). The highlights of the night included eating apple crisp made from freshly picked apples, singing the NU fight song (which I hadn't done for 3 years), and seeing LARRY! He decided to play in a couple boxes before climbing upstairs and poking around near Charles' bed so Charles threw him out of the house (not literally of course).