Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pictures from Club Sectionals!

Team huddle - we have so many people! 23 I think?

Nell almost getting a D

My favorite throw

Daphne's flick

Frisbee makes me happy :) People say that I get this absurd grin on my face whenever I'm about to throw a break/huck/hammer

Shira, one of our captains, who used to play for Tufts.

Michelle, who's constantly broken but still pushes through. She's also a disc hog like me but we still manage to work well together.

This is Daphne skying everyone on the field.

Close-up! I think right before this Keith yelled, "Daphne be tall!" and then she jumped and grabbed the disc. And then threw it away at our end zone. ::groan::

Me throwing. Cutters get all the good pictures.

Doris' layout D in the endzone.

Not sure what happened here, but this is Morgan who also plays for Northeastern and she has the sickest grabs ever. If she's close to the disc, it's hers. Well, maybe not in this pic :(

Bernie, another one of our captains. She also went to Tufts (we have a lot of Tufts people on Hatch!)

Typical Doris face during a typical Doris catch.

Jenny trying to grab the disc before it hits the ground but no success. It was a poor throw.

The boys fooling around during half time.

The new Karen, aka Butterball, the reason why I'm Midlife. I like how the black rubber pellets are flying up behind her as she slides into her catch.