Saturday, September 12, 2009

Club Sectionals Day 1

We played Godiva first round. We started on O and I hucked to Doris but overthrew her because we were going downwind. :( She laid out too... sorry Doris. Anyway, we got the disc back and scored the first point. We traded until 4-4 and then we stopped converting even though there were plenty of turns on both sides. We had our chances but we threw them away. We ended up losing 7-13.

Our next two games were against Wellesley (13-0) and Brown (13-1). We worked on different defenses like 4-man-cup and clam. It was fun but really cold and rainy and a lot of standing on the sidelines.

Hrm, reflecting on how I did today... two things that I did well was dump cutting and backhand hucks. I was able to make effective dump cuts and get the disc back from people. I've also been working on backhand hucks in the last two weeks because I feel less comfortable being forced backhand. I threw two backhand hucks during the Godiva game, one to Smeri one to Chelsey and they were both completed... yay! One thing I need to work on is marking, taking away the around, marking with my feet and not lunging.

During the second half of the Brown, I was playing defense on a handler and I'm not sure what happened but she collided with me and I hit the ground really hard on my knee. Michelle and Chelsey carried me off the field. But it's feeling a lot better now. :) I think it was just the impact... no twisting or popping or snapping.

Tomorrow we play Bowdoin first round, BC second round, then probably Stonehill third round and the winner of the Godiva/Brute Squad game. And it won't be rainy and cold!

Smite did well their first round - beat Harvard 9-8 (wow I didn't know it was that close), then I heard they almost scored two on Brute Squad, and then lost to Stonehill and Brandeis.