Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wellesley Scrimmage

We played Wellesley this afternoon on the nice new turf inside the track. It was a gorgeous day - low 50s, little wind, not a cloud in the sky. And we got to play on a full-size field on super nice turf. :)

It took us a few points to get our heads in the game. Our defense was struggling - we were still chasing like chickens. We had worked on backpedaling and staying on the open side right before the scrimmage started, but we still weren't able to do it during the game.

Wellesley set up zone on us a few points and we dealt with it pretty well. Amy and I would handle, Ethan and Heather wings, Lydia/Sluts/Mangpo popping, Agnes deep. They had one person man the other handler but Heather and the poppers did a good job of finding the holes to get the disc through the cup. We tend to get a little too excited to have the disc so we just have to be more patient, look for your options.

We also worked on having cutters look upfield for a continue cut instead of looking immediately to the dish, which worked out pretty well. Many times we had 2-3 continue cuts before a dump. In terms of offense, we still have to learn where the open lane is, depending on where the stack is. We had a lot of people cutting on the wrong side of the disc, which is fine if we're being forced backhand because I can usually get the flick break off but in general, we should be cutting on the right side.

Things that I remember about myself: I went up the line on a couple dump cuts and one time I smashed into a defender coming in towards the disc. I hate it when they do that because they KNOW that I can't see them and they just run straight for the disc anyway. And it's bound to happen at least once a game for me. It didn't hurt too much but I got the wind completely knocked out of me and had to sit a point out. Another time the dump ( don't remember who threw it) was a little too far so I laid out for it and got it! (and I get chocolate from Shuangy!) One other time I was marking someone on their endzone and I got a point block.

Things I have to work on: scan, no tunnel vision for deep looks, dump cut early when our disc is trapped on the sideline, communicating to the third handler when its trapped.

Things that sMITe did well: zone O - positioning and flow; vertical stack - cutting and getting open (we're open a lot); catching improved a lot from the Harvard scimmage; looking upfield for a continue cut

Things that sMITe needs to work on: defense - staying on the open side (we always got scored on on the open side, never the break side), backpedaling, recognizing when you're poached and exploiting it

Notable things from individual players:
  • Amy - solid handling/throws/decisions, making up for some of the crap I threw in zone O, gettins some nice Ds.
  • Mangpo - great cutting and getting open reliably, and having a cute friend cheer us on
  • Lydia - great cutting and catching as well
  • Ethan - nice communication in zone O as a wing, calling for the swing
  • Agnes - heads up on defense, way to keep playing even though your knees were oozing (battle wounds!)
  • Veena - way to be tall and go deep, you contribute to my tunnel vision, good bailout cuts
  • Heather - great throws to continue cuts, nice cutting in general, esp deep looks
  • Sluts - way to keep running, defense improved a lot from last week, aggressive cutting
I wish I had some pictures because it was so beautiful out but I'll just have to wait until the boy is available to take pictures. Maybe sectionals...

I'm hungry.