Sunday, March 22, 2009

Easterns!! Day 2 (and 3)

Sunday's games:

8:00am - vs UMass
  • We woke up super early to start warm-up at 7 am but...
  • UMass never showed. We won by forfeit :P We later found out that they only had 10 ppl and 3 of them got injured on Sat so they decided to go home early :(
  • We ended up scrimmaging ourselves 5 on 5 to keep warm for our next game against...
9:30am - vs NYU
  • This was a pretty good game in terms of being on the same skill/experience level.
  • We worked on clam and trap zone and both worked really well. I love it when teams freak out when we put a clam on. Kelly/Amy/Emily did a great job on defending the open side and Ethan/Sluts took care of the break side. Heather and Anne were awesome at defending the I/O lane. There was always great communication among us and it worked out really well.
  • Our trap zone looked decent - it worked well against this team but in general, we still need to work on cutting off throws going back towards the non-trap side and having the mark check behind her shoulder towards the dump.
  • Final score: 6-9
11:00am - vs App State
  • Next we got to rematch against App State
  • We came out hard in intensity and picked up the first few points
  • I remember our trap zone and clam looking good again
  • There were a few frustrating points because the wind made throwing and catching difficult, but people still kept cutting hard. I remember continue cuts, which we've been working on all weekend, had great timing.
  • Kelly R. and Clare especially did really well this game. I think we also had a textbook example of our endzone play this game as well. It was really exciting :)
  • Oh! And Lydia wrote a cheer for the other team to the tune of "Under the Sea" (Little Mermaid)
  • Final score: 8-6
12:30pm - vs Harvard (scrimmage)
  • Finally we scrimmage Harvard, who had like 20 people this weekend (2 full lines with subs!)
  • This was a fun game but my right foot was hurting a lot during this point and Amy's knee was hurting as well. I'm sure other people were hurting as well but everyone pushed through.
  • Exciting point of the game goes to Mangpo for catching a stall-9 floaty throw to the middle of the stack in the endzone. And get this, Mangpo claw-caught the disc directly over her head when Lucy was trying to D it. :)
  • Final score: 4-6
Kelly made so many amazing cuts and catches this weekend

Clare was amazing this weekend as well. She also had a perfect layout on Saturday where she caught the disc but dropped it when she hit the ground. But her layout was soooo pretty.

Emily and her never-ending endurance.

General great things sMITe did:
  • Being loud and communicating: I heard some people yell the loudest I've ever heard them yell (Lydia, Ethan :) ). And clam worked really well because people were talking to each other.
  • Continue cuts: these were starting to look really good. People were generally patient with the disc and only threw to people who were open. I'm really excited to see sMITe's offense get even better in these coming weeks.
  • Defense: our defense improved immensely over the course of the weekend. We got broken less, stayed on the open side more, and chased less. Obviously we need more work on our defense (who doesn't?) but we improved a lot over the weekend.
  • Being positive: Pumping each other up and not letting people get down on themselves.
Things to work on:
  • Transition from O to D: People still need to be quicker on playing defense after the disc is turned: putting the mark on right away or picking up the deepest person if we're playing a junk D. I think some people still tend to beat themselves up over not catching the disc or getting D'ed, but we need to get in the mentality that the past is past and play D!
  • Dump defense: We worked on defending handlers going up the line last week and also sealing the swing, but this still needs a lot of work.
  • Reading!!!: A-B-C.
Fun things!!

A sMITe tournament isn't complete without a log roll.

Clare looks pretty content up there.

Sluts in heaven when given a head massage :P

Kelly decides she wants to eat 3 kids meals at Sonics

A few of us decided to stay in Wilmington for an extra day to explore and go to the beach. We went to downtown Wilmington and there was a ship to play around on. The walk up the plank to the ship was SO painful...

Amy, Mangpo, Anne, Me, Heather, Emily, Lydia with the setting sun :)

Captain Mangpo

The next day (Monday) we went to Carolina Beach

The water was really really cold.

Me and Mangpo decided not to go into the water, unlike Amy and Heather the brave ones.

I love Anne's expression in this picture. And Mangpo's got mad air.

more jumping :)

what a beautiful day

leaving our mark in the sand in north carolina

Stopping at Bojangles for biscuits and sweet tea! So yummy. Someone should start a Bojangles in Boston. I'd go every day and get super fat and not be able to play ultimate anymore.

We went to Duke Gardens... so prettyyy... why can't MIT be pretty.


practicing my photography skillz

this one turned out decent, right? it's popping!

yay smite


if there is a hill, we must roll down it

Mangpo was a grass magnet

It was much more dizzifying then I ever thought

can you guess what it spells!?!

this time with a lower-case "e"

picking grass off of Mangpo

guess who?!

what a great vacation :)

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