Friday, March 13, 2009

Introducing Sluts!

(I don't know how I don't have any pictures of Sluts, but I don't and I've resorted to stalking people on facebook to get pictures of them. And this one seemed appropriate for Sluts.)


Sluts (I've had many nicknames throughout my life, but none of them ever stick)

San Diego, CA

1st year grad

Mechanical engineering

Shorter than Karen, apparently (5'3")

Favorite position(s): cutter

Personal strength (ultimate-related or not):
I'm loud and I enjoy hard work (the first one is ultimate-related, I suppose, the second one is more general)

Personal goal (ultimate-related or not):
To be on Jeopardy

Favorite ultimate memory:
Alisha doesn't have a favorite ultimate memory yet, but she does have a favorite ultimate quotation (source will remain anonymous): 'smite vests!!!!! no, smite underwear!!!!! we can wear it over tights... and it can say "smite" on the butt, and then we can go around SITTING ON PEOPLE'

Interests besides ultimate:
snowboarding, running, being outside, cooking graphics and websites (very amateur)

nything else we should know about you: I pretty much plan my days around meals and food

Earlier this season we had an Anisha and an Alisha on the team and it was getting really confusing on the field. And one particular day in the fall, when Jin was having a hard time with names, she says, "We should just called you Sweats!", refering to Alisha who was wearing a headband. And everyone around her heard "Sluts" so we were all like, "OMG Jin, what did you say??" But the name Sluts stuck (Sluts herself made sure that it did) and that's how Sluts got her name. :)

Sluts joined the team during the middle to end of fall season. Meri told me about her one afternoon, saying, "She's thinking of joining ultimate or cycling but I think I'm winning." And I guess Meri did win because Sluts is playing ultimate now!

Sluts is awesome because she knows the concept of a team and makes it a priority to come to practice and be dedicated to the team. I guess now that I think about it, it doesn't hurt that we made her the disc bag captain and now she has to bring the disc bag to practice. :)

In my mind she's one of the most improved players on sMITe this year. In general, people esp rookies don't put enough spin on their throws, but Sluts' throws have lots of spin and power. (It's because she has amazing grip strength) She can also hammer and she's patient with the disc.

Sluts has one of the best work ethics on the team. She ran on the track team (mostly long distance, I believe) and has incredible endurance. She's dedicated to personal fitness and strength training and puts her mind to every task at hand. She's amazing already, and this girl is gonna go far.