Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Introducing Mangpo!

Name: Phitchaya



Year: 2012

Course(s): 6

Height: 158 cm = 5'2"

Favorite position(s): popper

Personal goal (ultimate-related or not): create new invention for the world

Favorite ultimate memory: got hit by frisbee on my face

Interests besides ultimate: painting & singing

I still remember the day in July where I got my first e-mail from Mangpo:

Hello MIT Ultimate team,

I'm Mangpo, MIT class of 2012's student. I'm really interested in joining Ultimate Frisbee team. What do I need to do to join team?

Thank you,

And after that, then she's been one of the most consistent faces on sMITe :)

She didn't write any "personal strengths" in her survey, but she's got a lot. She's a fast learner, she cuts well, runs through discs, and is committed to the team. And Mangpo has some amazing hands... lately she's been catching everything in practice. And I remember during one of the fall tournaments it was rainy and windy (probably Coffee Cup) I was handling in zone and Mangpo was a popper and she would catch all my hammers and other random crap I was throwing through the cup. All in all, Mangpo is pretty awesome and I'm really excited that she's on the team this year.