Saturday, March 21, 2009

Easterns!! Day 1

Easterns was pretty awesome. We had 11 players and one Shuangy for the weekend. We were supposed to have 3 compact cars but Sluts and I decided that driving a minivan would be more fun.

On the way over from RDU my car stopped at this restaurant called Wild Boar or something and they had the most amazing baked sweet potatoes (with cinnamon and sugar and butter... mmm...) And this was also when I learned that Sluts was very possessive over her ribs. We had gotten a half-rack of ribs to share and when the waiter put it down in front of me Sluts perked up and said, "MY RIBS." Then immediately afterwards she was like, "omg, I can't believe I said that, I'm so rude." hahaha.

Here's a rundown of our games on Sat/Sun:

We played four games Sat (high of 55ish, mild winds with gusts):

9:30am - vs Appalachian State
  • First outdoor game of the season!
  • We were down a lot the first few points.
  • Worked on both vertical and ho stacks. Ho-stack was working really well, opening up a lot of deep games.
  • We came back to take half 7-6.
  • We lost a point to make it universe point, then another
  • Final score: 7-8.
11:00am - vs Cornell
  • We couldn't break through Cornell's 4-person cup trap cup
  • Wind made it hard to throw/catch hammers
  • Difficult to dump to another handler in trap cup
  • Kept getting broken and not sealing the disc
  • sMITe ran hard every point and Clare almost scored one
  • Final score: 0-13.
Beach break!!!
  • We had two byes so we decided to buy food and eat at the beach.
  • Sluts and I tried selling discs to people at the beach. We didn't sell any but this couple gave us $5!! :)
  • Some people were tossing a disc around and Clare was jogging towards catching a disc and then suddenly found herself in a giant hole that someone had dug out.
Hanging out and eating at the beach

Mangpo being cute

The giant hole that Clare fell into

Clare's flick

Playing with my camera features, trying to make Emily pop

No beach picture collection is complete without pictures of cute puppies

Shuangy's foot!

Another cute puppy

I don't know why, but this picture makes me laugh

Heather throwing at the beach
  • At some point we had to go back to playing real ultimate:
3:30pm - vs Duke
  • Worked on our trap zone, which worked well sometimes
  • Duke put a zone on us many times, trapping both sidelines
  • We had a hard time finding holes in the cup and swinging it around the trap cup
  • Again, defense was not fast enough in sealing the dump/swing or putting on a mark in general
  • Our cuts were open and looked really good, had trouble catching in the wind
  • Final score: 2-13
  • And then we played Wah with Duke. Kelly got really really into it:
  • Had another bye so we took the opportunity to take dumb pictures and play more Wah.
We're trying to make smeri jealous

I love Heather's expression

go sMITe!

6:30pm - vs UNC-B
  • Came out hard for the last game of the day (4 games and 3 byes in one day is pretty ridiculous)
  • All our cutters were amazing in this game - I remember Lydia, Clare, Heather, Sluts, Anne, Mangpo, Kelly, Emily, all making great cuts and catches.
  • Final score: 6-7
Player of the Day (POD?) - Lydia
My P.O.D. vote goes to Lydia for cutting hard, having sticky hands for making our new endzone play work multiple times, getting multiple Ds. She was also LOUD and patient with the disc. Yay for Lydia :)