Thursday, October 23, 2008

sMITe recent happenings

Practice attendance has been low last week and this week... probably due to midterms and other school-related stuff. Does this happen every year? Or just the years that I've been on sMITe?
  • On Tuesday we had dinner together at Simmons. My first time with dorm food since undergrad. It wasn't too bad. I think we decided dorm food is generally overpriced but Simmons food was pretty good at least. :)
  • Throwing clinics every Friday at 5pm on Killian! Come join us if you're around. Teach us how to throw! :)
  • We started zone today but we only had 10 people so some of the boys + coaches had to fill in positions.
  • We're hosting our own tournament this weekend - it's really a round robin with Harvard, Northeastern, and Wellesley. Sat Oct 25 from 9-2pm on Briggs Field. Come cheer us on!