Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Other half of club regionals

We played Ambush on Sunday morning. There was still dew (and frost!) on the ground. Hatch started off on defense: one of the Ambush girls dropped the pull and we scored in one throw. Things got more difficult after that =P I don't know how other people on the team were feeling but I was feeling nervous and was throwing stupid crap that I shouldn't have thrown. Ambush had one main handler and one main receiver and they just kept sending it long. We weren't able to stop their breaks and their deep looks and Ambush took half at 8-3. Hatch kept up the intensity through the second half and did better, with the final score at 15-8 Ambush.

Our next game was against Middlebury. It should've been an easy game but we were being dumb. I think the score was 2-5 at some point. Our O-line scored easily: catch to hitch, to in-cut, dish, then huck to Doris/Jenny deep (almost every point). Then our D-line would not cover their deep looks so Middlebury just kept sending it. It was a pretty messy/ugly game with lots of turnovers and not being able to convert Ds to scores. I'm not blaming one line or the other because I played both but it was a much more tiring game than it needed to be. A couple people got injured this game: Doris getting kneed in the jaw (again), Michelle and Jenny colliding full-force into each other to get a D. We won 15-10 but it was definitely the most frustrating game of the day.

Next game against Sugar Shack was ok. I think we played pretty well but we weren't able to pull it together. I actually don't remember much from this game. But I feel like I should because it was a pretty important game. The game to the game to go? Anyway, Sugar Shack won 12-8.

After the game we circled up and Gretchen pulled out two bottles of champagne. We were sitting around and drinking and then MissCONNduct told us that we had another game (for 6th place). We settled on a shortened game to 11. So we played fun lines: all handlers, birthdays in the first half of the year, all college players + oldest player, etc. Btw our all-handler line *almost* scored... and then we turned it at our endzone and MissCONNduct won the point. Anyway, with 4-5 people injured and not playing this game, and our crazy lines, I was almost certain that we were going to lose this game. We found ourselves at 8-10 receiving the pull. We scored that point to make it 9-10. Then we broke them twice to win on universe point 11-10. The last point was Mabo hucking to Chelsey who had an amazing grab in the endzone.

So at the end of the day we held seed at 6th, made friends with some Valks, Ewo, and Pilots, and played some awesome ultimate together. We've definitely come a long way since 4 months ago (we started playing together in July) and I'm really proud of this team.

Hatch withdrawl...