Saturday, October 11, 2008

Club Regionals

Hatch held seed, beating high school team 15-0 and Enigma (Canadian team) 15-1. Then lost to Capitals 5-15 and beat MissCONNduct 15-9. I was pretty happy with our play against Capitals. They're a really good team and we put pressure on them on D and we were getting some nice flow on O. This is the game where Doris got cleated on her thigh and her D kneed her jaw. But Doris got the disc :)

The MissCONNduct game was interesting. Came out strong, went up at half 8-2. Then MissCONNduct turned up their play and eventually Hatch won 15-9.

Ambush game tmr at 8:30. Should be pretty exciting. Gonna be a long, exciting day. :) Yay ultimate. :)

Smite did well today at Lemony Fresh (according to Liver and Meri). Newbies learning really fast and also had a lot of fun. I'm glad. :)