Sunday, October 5, 2008

O-Line, D-Line

Yesterday Hatch scrimmaged Brute Squad at the end of our practice. I have to confess, playing on both O-line and D-line is like having a multiple personality disorder. They have different mentalities from the start of the point. Jin would come up to the line to give a little pep talk.

To the D-Line she says, "You guys are the heart and fire of the team. You guys have to want that disc, bring up the intensity of the game."

To the O-Line she says, "You guys are on the O-Line because you are calm and cool and can value the disc, working it up the field. You guys are reliable and can score every time."

I guess they're not that contradictory but I feel like I have pretty different mentalities as an O-line handler and defender.

The scrimmage was ok. There were a lot of soft turns, unforced errors, whatnot. There were a lot of great things from individual people, like Christina going up for and catching my huck in the midst of two other Brute defenders. And Doris getting a handblock. And nice flow/swings from Shira/Michelle/Lauren in zone O. Between Doris and I, we either caught or threw the 3 scores in the game. =P Final score 3-15.