Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is it sad that ultimate dictates so many different aspects of my life?

- how short I cut my hair (short enough so that it doesn't whip my face when I pivot/fake, but still long enough to be put up in a ponytail)
- when I cut my hair (before sectionals or regionals)
- what kind of underwear I put on after my shower, depending on whether i have practice in the afternoon (patagonia active hipsters, thanks to darlene's enthusiasm for patagonia undergarments)
- when I schedule my classes (MWF mornings so I can go to practice TTh afternoons)
- when I schedule sMITe practices (TTh afternoons so it doesn't conflict with Hatch practices on Wed evenings)
- when I do my laundry (after tournaments, esp wet and rainy ones)
- what kind of backpack I buy (last year I had an Adidas backpack that had a convenient disc-storing pouch)
- what kind of snacks I crave for (Life cereal, Cheez-its, Triscuits of all different varieties have their own shelf in our house now)

What about you?