Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We're going to Easterns!

Warm sunny North Carolina on March 29-30! I can't wait! All the logistical stuff will be worth it (It kinda just ate my life for the last 12 hours.) I just bought my ticket for $284. I'm kinda bummed that we can't make both Southerns and Easterns but Erika and Catherine reminded me that it's better to have a lot of people at one tournament rather than 9 at each tournament. We don't want to injure a lot of people and burn them out.

Monday's practice was intense. We started with a ton of running: indian runs and other agility stuff, including this drill where you sprint, then spin one direction and then spin the other direction, and then sprint again. I must say, it was the most dizzifying drill ever. And I'm glad that indian runs are done as a team because I'd never be able to run that long. Smeri keeps reminding me to lift my knees when I sprint so I don't look like a cartoon character when I run.

Then we worked more on spread stuff, focusing on handler plays, which was awesome. I found that the give-and-go's are a really difficult to defend against because the disc is always moving. We're supposed to practice outdoors tonight but it's pretty rainy and snowing right now so we'll see. If we move indoors, we'll probably run the first track workout together.

On another note, I'm applying for GRT positions and I got invited to Random House for a study break and MacGregor for an interview. I applied last year and made it to the final rounds for Baker and Simmons but didn't end up with anything. Any tips? Besides the fact that it's important for GRTs to bake a lot? =P