Thursday, February 7, 2008

Recap of the week

I have so many things to say in the blog but I've been so busy with the start of classes so this entry is going to be a bullet-point post. Hopefully I'll be able to expand on each bullet soon, but for now, this will have to do.
  • We learned spread, which is pretty much the coolest thing ever :) I can't wait to learn what handlers are supposed to do...
  • We've consolidated mailing lists so we're all on w-ult. Yay unity.
  • Our biggest competition this season is probably BU
  • We were supposed to scrimmage BU tonight but it was (and still is) too cold :(
  • We've had more than enough players for 7-on-7 at the last four practices! :)
  • I tripped over Doris and wiped out on the track yesterday
  • We had a team meeting earlier in the week where we talked about our motivations, team goals, and individual goals, which pretty much made me pumped up for the rest of the week
  • We're starting track workouts next week!
On another note, NG came back from Hong Kong on Monday and now he's at Trouble in Vegas. =P

Okay back to homework. I have homeworks and readings everyday this semester. I feel like a freshman.