Monday, February 25, 2008

Scrimmage Against Hahvahd

We scrimmaged Harvard on Sunday night on their amazing indoor turf field. We had so much fun playing out what we learned in practice over the last month: spread with handler give-and-go stuff, zone D, zone O, stack, FM, straight-up to trap D, etc... We played everything and man, it was so much fun. We were supposed to play to 15 but we decided that wasn't enough playing time and convinced Harvard to let us keep scrimmaging.

It was really fun to play spread against some people besides ourselves and guys. There were a few points when the coaches just wanted the handlers to move the disc up the field to get the handlers used to playing with each other and to be active as handlers. I learned that I need to communicate better/louder. It's weird having three handlers back when we normally play with two back, but I guess that should make things easier. Anyway, there were a lot of nice hucks from Erika and Catherine to Jenny and Smeri. There was even a Dorphne play where Daphne hucked it to Doris for a score. The last point of the scrimmage we played a textbook spread point and made Jin and Darlene very happy. We were pretty happy too.

FM worked out better than I thought. I was never a fan of FM but I guess whenever teams play it against us, it works pretty well against us. But we practiced FM a few points and got better at it.

There were a few points when our line consisted of some combination of Daphne, Doris, Jenny, Catherine, Erika, Smeri, Trisha, and me and it was like whoa... surplus of handlers!! which NEVER happens!! So it was exciting to see some people switching it up. Anyway, the scrimmage was very exciting and I can't wait to see what happens for sMITe this year. :) :)

On another note, we got $900 from the athletics grant!! GSC gave away $2500 total and the grad students on sMITe got 1/3 of it. :D We also did very well in the bake sale on Monday. We were scared because Next House was having a bake sale at the same time and same place but we had a more strategically-positioned table in the Student Center, and everything turned out alright and we made $245 from baked goods alone.

We also tried the "cut your own slice of cake and make a donation" and I think that worked out pretty well. NG started making the cake while I was at the scrimmage (see? I told you he was well-trained). So we had three layers and we put vanilla frosting between the layers but ran out of vanilla frosting so we used chocolate frosting for the top, but only had enough for the top and not the sides. And then jokingly I told Doris to spell out "SMITE" in sprinkles and she actually did:

And she actually tried to put the lightning bolt in. It turned out okay but it wasn't that obvious that it said "SMITE". It looked like SM and TE with a crack down the middle of the cake.

So I said, "We have purple icing!" Doris and I started to outline "SMITE" in purple icing, which was fine for the first few seconds and then the icing started coming out in strange squiggles so we let NG take over because he has more forearm strength...

And then Doris touched it up by filling in extra sprinkles to the sprinkle-deficient areas and TADA! Our finished product:

We didn't even bother covering the sides with frosting. NG had doubts that our cake would sell at all because it looked so strange but when we dropped by the student center at noon it was more than half gone. Hah!!