Monday, February 18, 2008

Introducing... Jess

Name: Jess

Year: Sophomore (Class of 2010)

Major: Physics and Biological Engineering (for now)

Height: 5' 6"

Favorite position: usually anything involving running deep

Personal strength: love for the game!

Personal goal: dorphne-like defense

Interests: reading, international development, music, sleeping in my spare time

Last fall we accidentally left Jess Ho at the student center when we left for a tournament, thus giving her the "No Child Left Behind" award. We now double count - nay, triple count - every time we leave for a tournament. Jess also left track for ultimate last year; muahaha we have her soul now. For some reason she's always "Jess Ho" not just "Jess". It just goes well together. Anyway, she's fast and plays tall and is always enthusiastic on the field. We like her.

Yesterday we scrimmaged the guys so we could practice spread. I still can't decide whether that was a good idea or not. It was insanely windy on the turf which made throwing and catching super difficult. And I think the guys didn't know how intense to play D on us. And there was one point in which Cody, who is 6'5" was marking Trisha, who is 5'1". Anyway, by the end of the scrimmage the cutters were learning to cut past their defense even when they're playing really poachy. The handler movement was also improving towards the end of the scrimmage. I really want to practice more handler stuff so we can work well together. Right now I still feel really confused on the field. I don't know, I left practice feeling really frustrated yesterday and I think it was a combination of feeling pathetic playing against guys and not being able to throw in wind and not knowing how to play spread as a handler.

sMITe is having a disc/bake sale next Monday Feb 25 in the student center. They're not sMITe discs but they say "MIT Ultimate 2008" on them and they have a cartoon beaver grabbing a disc with his mouth. The men's team came up with the design and we bought a few to sell. We need money for spring break. The grad students might be able to get some money through the GSC Athletics Grant. We had to write an essay on why we want to go to Easterns, which made me really pumped up for going to Easterns. Maybe that will be my next post.