Sunday, February 10, 2008

Introducing... Amy


Year: 2010

Major: Course 7 (biology), Course 9 (BCS)

Height: 5' 4.5"

Favorite Position: Handler ~or~ mid

Personal Strength: Catching left-handed

Personal Goal: Not freaking out and throwing away the disc

Interests: brains, sewing, linguistics, mountains, doing things in the mountains, wandering around early in the morning, hot cocoa, other things that are warm, not-rainy weather, having time to read books, crafts!

Amy lives in Senior House and brings an element of coolness to sMITe.

So I have this wound on my forearm next to my elbow (from the wipeout on Wed) and I taped it up for a few days until I realized that the gauze was sticking to the wound and incorporating itself in the healing process. So I just left it un-bandaged and wore my blue sMITe sweatshirt and at the end of the day I took off my sweatshirt and discovered little blue fuzzies IN my scab.