Thursday, February 28, 2008

Introducing... Catherine

Name: Catherine

Year: 2008

Major: Urban Studies & Planning / Civil and Environmental Engineering (Transportation)

Height: 5’3” and a bit

Favorite Position: Defense. Handling in zone. Actually, anything that involves running, catching or throwing makes me happy!

Personal Strength: Staying motivated and in the game

Personal Goal: Long-game both catching and throwing. Pulling like Karen

Interests: Is there anything really worth living for besides ultimate?

Catherine was one of the first people I met on sMITe when I first started MIT. I saw her and Daphne at the sMITe table at the Athletics Midway during orientation and I asked, "Can grad students play ultimate?" and Catherine said, "Of course! I'm a grad student!"

Catherine is awesome at pretty much everything: throwing, cutting, defense, motivating the team and being organized about everything sMITe. She has amazing long throws and is very reliable as a dump. She and Smeri are also the loud ones on the team. I think last year her two awards were "The Megaphone Award" and "The Cellphone Award" because she's so loud and talkative... which is a good thing on the field. :) I guess there are two kinds of loud people: the kind that is loud and useful and can use their voice to direct cuts and communicate to the rest of the team, and then there's the kind that is loud just to be loud but they don't know what they're doing and just confuses everyone on the team. Catherine is definitely loud and useful. :)

Most of the time Catherine and I handle together but most of what I know as a handler I learned from Catherine. I had played one year of ultimate at Northwestern University before coming to MIT so I came in with some throwing skills but Catherine really taught me to see the field and develop some field sense.

I love Catherine because she's very enthusiastic about the game and doesn't let mistakes get to her (not that she makes very many). I guess the corollary to that is whenever I see Catherine down, I think, "Nooo... Catherine is sad, the world must be over."

Catherine also recently got an Irish boyfriend, whom she met in London over the summer. And we approve because he also plays ultimate. And Catherine gets very giddy whenever she gets text messages from him, especially the ones that say, "Go Smite!"