Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Zone Week

We revisited zone last night at practice, which was lots of fun. It was great because we had so many people come. Our zone D needs a lot of work. Our cup keeps getting broken and can be a lot more communication on the field. Personally, I need to work on being a better short deep and communicating with the MM.

And we have all three captains back. Speaking of which, we like to split up all the responsibilities so that everyone is a captain:

Captain Captains: Erika, Catherine, Karen

Tournament Logistics Gurus: Brooke and Kari

Money Captain (a.k.a. Treasurer): Amy

Uniform Captain: Shan

Social Captain:

Men's Outreach Coordinator Captain: Karen

Club Sports Council Liaison: Erika

Timekeeper Captain: Doris

Weather Captain: Smeri

Disc Bag Captain: Kelly

Tech Writer and Food Captains: Rosa and Natasha

Trash Bag and Baking Captains: Jenn and Anne

Art Captains (for discs, jerseys, and team apparel): Kari, Svetlana, Adele

Webmistress: Trisha and Chenxia

Fitness Captains: Jess and Jenny

Spirit Captain: Suzanne

Captain Planet: Daphne

Incidentally, NG is in Hong Kong. :(