Thursday, January 17, 2008

Introducing... Brooke

Name: Brooke

Year: 2010

Environmental Engineering (1E)


Favorite Position:

Personal Strength: Picking up an early end zone drill

Personal Goal:
Turn my hands into magnets

Youth activism in any shape or size, public service, biking and building (, sewing, drinking chai and milk, puddykins [thanks Brooke...]

So our first tournament in the fall was Wellesley Ultimate Tournament, and we met up at the student center at 7:00am. Everyone showed up by 7:15 or so except for our dear Brooke. We tried calling her cell phone and her room phone for another 15 minutes, but alas, no response. So we left her a message and then drove off without her. Three games later, around 1pm, Brooke shows u
p at the Wellesley fields... Apparently she was so tired that she turned off her cell phone and then put her dorm phone outside her room, all while she was sleeping.