Monday, January 14, 2008

Can you smell the rocks?

Practice tonight was awesome. We focused on offense and did a couple of dump/swing/continue and give-and-go drills. Smeri, Trish, and I have to practice not leading each other so much for the give-and-go. And I have to learn not to fall when I'm going up the line and hucking. The scrimmage at the end of practice looked really good too (we played 5s). People were taking initiative and making cuts, both in and away, and there was really good flow. The sprinting in the middle of the scrimmage was a good idea; I guess it simulates tougher games or games late in the day.

After practice:
Doris: Can you smell it???
Karen: What?
Doris: Boulder!... The mountains, the fresh air...
Karen: ... and rocks?

On another note, the men's team - mainly MattyB - have dubbed me "Puddykins."

Hey you all,

Don't forget tomorrow afternoon's practice outside on the turf, 2-5pm. We should make the most of it, because it's supposed to snow like whoa tomorrow night and it might be awhile before we can practice outside again. Also, we'll be scrimmaging with the girls for the last 45 minutes of practice. Just one word of warning; stay out of Ng's way during the game tomorrow. He'll be trying to earn Karen's affection with his ultimate ability, and it's best to just let him have the disc when he starts playing for his puddykins.

Matty B.

I think as long as NG doesn't call me Puddykins, I'm fine.