Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Best Practice Ever!

I think today's practice was my favorite by far. We worked on zone the entire time. Erika and I handled together and tried different things like give-and-go and crashing in a trap situation and crashing in general. I definitely need to practice more with Daphne and Catherine. I feel like my performance on zone O handling really depends on who the other handler is because there has to be a lot of communication and connection between us. I can't wait to play in wind.

Doris is an amazing short deep. Or maybe I'm just a bad handler. But it was frustrating to keep getting D-ed by her. You don't think she can get there but she's comes out of nowhere to block everything. Actually, sometimes I don't see her at all until she D's the disc. Let's just say I'm glad she's on our team. :)

Also, I'm glad that sMITe is practicing hammers this year. Last year we didn't practice hammers until a week before sectionals, but people know how to throw/catch hammers a lot better this year. All in all, today was a great practice for sMITe. Coach Darlene said we improved a lot today. Yay. :D

I just bought the soundtrack to Juno on iTunes. :)