Monday, January 28, 2008

Introducing... Meri

Name: Meredith

Year: G

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Height: 5'4"

Favorite position: Cup in zone d, mid on O

Personal strength: speed

Personal goal: making consistent throws and better decisions with them

Interests: is this supposed to be interests outside ultimate? I like modeling (the type that happens on a computer not the type that involves me being scantily dressed or building stuff) and pulling things apart for the advancement of science (i.e. mechanical testing), I also like soccer and baking.

One of the fastest teammates on sMITe, Smeri can usually be found playing "chase" in 1-3-3 and going deep whenever possible. She is also the only one who can do some of Jin's crazy ab/core exercises. And she one of the original inventors of butt-rolling (very useful in getting rid of soreness the day after tournaments).

As our weather captain, Smeri controls the weather, ensuring pristine conditions at every practice and tournament. Not only can control cloud movement to deter precipitation and direct wind in favor of sMITe, but she can also create beautiful works of nature. During Coffee Cup in the fall, she focused on her inner weather goddess and channeled all her weather-controlling abilities:

and despite constant distractions and tickling from her teammate Karen, Smeri crafted her beautiful rainbow over the Yale fields:

Smeri also recently finished her masters thesis - (congrats) - and has more time to take on eager young women on sMITe for weather-controlling apprenticeships. Only the best need apply.